cupidLemme cut to the chase and just say that life sucks on an extremely colossal level; it’s not worth it to give up everything you struggled to get for the sake of “love” which seems so unsure and fleeting. Experience is a hard-ass teacher that teaches you the lessons of life with very hard knocks. Safe to say, it’s best to learn from other people’s mistakes than to learn from your own. You might wonder why I’m going hard on this story, lashing out at it with much fury and ferociousness, well, I’ve made  lots of mistakes but none has screwed with my soul as much as this. Yes, this is a true story of how I was screwed over a girl (pretty difficult to restrain myself from using the word BITCH here) I trusted. Well, I’m a big boy, I won’t cry, I’ll just tell you my story.

“The name’s Bayo. I am a 400 level, Engineering student in one of the top-notch universities (I used to think it was top-notch). My early years in this school were very tough ‘cos I was kinda shy; every girl seemed like an impossible obstacle. I remember how I used to stutter each time I had to talk to a girl; Ahhh!!! It was war, especially if the babe was cute. But then, that was how I wanted to be; recluse, withdrawn, covert…. But I had an escape: TWITTER; on twitter, I was a demi-god, I was famous, I was loved and well known, my avatar was quite dope , my tweets were constantly always being retweeted and favorited, see followers everywhere, I was a star, I was a hero. But my chicken nature continued being my bane until one fateful day, one fateful day that would change the course of my destiny and give reason not to trust anybody again. Sometime in my third year, as usual, I was scrolling through twitter (I must admit, I’m an addict to twitter), checking out what was going on, having a good laugh, then I scrolled through my interactions and saw that there was this strange babe that favorited my tweet… This wasn’t the first time that was happening, after all, I was that demi-god but there was something about this babe’s avatar that got me hooked so I zoomed in on it and what I saw dropped my jaws…. I mean, cleavage toh badt gann and she looked really cute, I mean, extremely cute so I sharply followed her and asked for a follow back which she did… I forgot about her for a while until she popped up on my timeline one day and was tweeting like crazy; we got talking and I found out she was in my school, Sociology, 200 level and guess what???!!! NO BOYFRIEND. Ahhh…. the first thing that came to my mind was: Parole! Parole!! Parole!!! So I asked for her hall which she reluctantly gave away, room number was a no-go area but trust my sure-boy nature, I used my sweet mouth nature to draw it out of her and she gave it up after a struggle. I took it and started grinning like a kid who had just discovered where mummy secretly hid the candy jar. But then my chicken mentality kicked and I was started thinking “What if she slys me and doesn’t come out?” “What if she doesn’t like me and just walks back upstairs?” “What if it was all a big joke?” So it took me almost half the semester to summon up courage and go to her hall to call her out… I was so scared, I passed in front of her twice before I finally decided to stop being a bitch and tell someone to help me call her out. For almost fifteen minutes, I stood in front of her hall, I hadn’t told anybody to help me call her yet; finally, this babe walks by and I managed to cough out “Eh..Ex…Excuse me, could you help me call someone?” She was like “Okay” and my mind did a little backflip… “Esther… Esther is her name, Sociology… C307” I blurted out and she left. I waited for another fifteen minutes and was about giving up and cursing my luck when I saw a girl walk out of the hall, look around and then, she started walking towards me.

To be continued…

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