Okay, back from where I left off…

So I start some mad calculations in my head; my brain cells were pumping like a locomotive engine, trying to decipher what the conversation would go like. “Hello” “Hello, you’re Esther right?” “Yeah, that means you’re Bayo” “Yeah… Wow, you look really cute” “Thank you… So what are we gonna do?” “Well, I was thinking we could go to the cafeteria and hang out or a classroom or even a stroll.” “Yeah, that sounds like a lovely idea. I’ve been cooked up in hostel for quite a while, I need some fresh air.” Well, that was the most prominent scenario that played out in my mind and while we were walking down, I pictured in my head, moments of belly-aching laughter and moments where we understood each other’s minds perfectly. And all these happened while she was just a few feet away. Yeah, my brain can be that fast; it was on overdrive though, heating up like crazy. I could feel the beads of sweating trickle from my head down to the bottom of my back. Wheezzz!!! Came the sound of the wind to snap me back from my obvious state of reverie. She walked past me; turns out it was not her after all. I felt all form of hope in me drop, the blood in my heart congealed to form a large lump in my chest, breathing became hard, my brain shut off for some seconds, then it came back to life with a large yell in my head “What in the friggin’ name of this universe am I doing here??!!” I should have been in the comfort of my room, playing solitaire or FreeCell or if I’m lucky enough to find a pad, FIFA 13 (Now I’ll go off and argue to anyone who cares to listen that FIFA is the best soccer game ever. Not even that stupid Pro Evolution Soccer can hold a candle to a master piece like FIFA. If you think PES is better than FIFA, well… Screw you!!!).

With a sad heart and dejected spirit, I turned to go but before I did, I caught to a glimpse of one petite looking girl coming out of the hostel; she turned around and looked like she was searching for somebody, then she headed for my direction. “Another one of them again. Mtcchheeewww!!!” But the optimist in me turned round and looked behind me, behold, there was male in sight. Quickly, I squinted my eyes like I was going to force night vision out of them. When she was close enough, I heard her whisper “You’re Bayo right?” Oh, joy unspeakable filled my soul, a huge weight was lifted from my chest and suddenly, it felt like I was light-headed and floating. Well, at this stage, my brain went into mega overdrive; my sweat pores overflowed like river banks drenching every bit of my face and my tongue ceased to work like Zechariah’s. Deep down in my mind, i knew she could smell the fear and uncertainty all over me.  But trust me, I managed to choke up words from somewhere I can’t seem to fathom “Uhh.. Yeah, I guess… An..And, you’re Esther right?” “Yes, nice to meet you. I thought you weren’t going to be around sef. Sorry I took lot of time. Hope you don’t mind” “Ahh… No problem, I understand. You girls like to freshen up and stuff… It’s no problem, it was even a bit of exercise for my calves sef” (WTF!!!!) She just smiled and said “We have to be fast oh. I’m headed to the chapel; I planned on seeing someone else there tonight so…” In my head, I was like “Yeepaa!!! Mo gbe!!! She has already given me red card sef. My first trial and I had already been kicked out like a bunch of teenagers from a liquor store.” “… Hope you don’t mind me going to get my laptop or should we stroll a bit, then you would walk me back to my hall and I pick up my laptop and go to the chapel or should we reschedule?” I just stuttered “Go on and bring your laptop, I’ll walk you down to the chapel.” So off she went and there I was, feeling sorry for myself, thinking of my bad luck and how I was never gonna do this again.

We headed for the chapel and I managed to gain a bit of confidence and reeled off those jokes I had pictured in my head; funny enough, she was laughing and by the time we got to the chapel, she was holding my shoulder for support as we were both laughing hard. There and then, I vowed that I was gonna track down this girl till she was mine, I didn’t care about my feeble heart or my obvious lack of confidence and my ever-present insecurity among the female folk. I was a god on twitter and I sure as hell was gonna be a real-life god. We scheduled another meet and she said “Thanks for making my day. I can’t remember when last I had this much of a good laugh. Can’t wait for the next time sha.” Grinning and glowing like the light of the sun, I replied, “Don’t worry, we’ll chat later tonight. I had lots of fun too.” She gave me a hug and I turned to leave; after a few steps, I did that romantic movie ish where the guy will turn back and have a last “bad-guy” look at the girl. Sure enough, I turned to see her smiling back at me and she waved at me. I could not believe my luck; finally, things were looking up…

To be continued…

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