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The other day I was going through the songs on my playlist when I stumbled across a song which I grew to love in the past few months, Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools; it was the jam I was accustomed to bopping my head to each time I was in a groovy mood. Halfway through the song, I began to laugh because with the song came memories of the past few months; it brought back memories of alcohol. Apparently, in the last few months, I had a drinking problem and this song spurred me on into heights of drunkenness. I would down cans and bottles just for the fun of it or to test the limits of my resilience. After the massive hangovers that followed, I began to question if it was worth the whole stress or if my liver should continue the struggle of keeping homoeostasis within my body.

Alcohol drinking is something which has become something of a huge debate everywhere. Moralists, spiritual fanatics and the rest of the world have carried in the debate about alcohol since biblical times. “Is it right to drink?” “How much should one drink before it is counted as too much?” Decrees have been put in place to contain the intake of alcohol in most countries and to stop the nuisance which a public display of drunkenness causes. The main question that runs through my head all the time is: “Why the huge fuss over alcohol???”

The reasons why people drink vary from person to person. Like Kendrick said in Swimming Pools, some people like the way it feels, some people want to kill there, some want to blend in with the populace and many other reasons people give for their alcohol drinking. Depending on the event or the mood, the level of alcohol intake varies; some people are light drinkers, some, moderate while other are heavy loaders. Whatever the case may be, it still remains that alcohol remains one of the greatest inventions of man; in the years past, it has served as a libation to the gods, a source of merriment; now it serves as an anti-depressant and many other uses. The smooth and warm feeling it gives off when it settles right in the stomach is unrivalled by any other drink. Its value can never be overestimated, always remaining a best seller since the beginning of time

With all this talk, it would seem I’m a huge fan of the bottle (and that is partially correct). I’m a huge fan of cans because they are easily disposable; they do not come the extra stress of finding a safe place to dispose them off. Drinking has remained an issue because I tend to overdo it; downing past regular intake on each location to prove my mettle to myself. There are periods I’ve had to stagger home and use the last of my innate strength to keep composure. I’ve done stuff under the influence which I’m not really proud of or might not even remember, by the way. Cans of beer and particularly, Smirnoff became my constant companions, downing close to three to four cans every day; my liver constantly cursed at me from within, my bladder raging with anger and my mind experienced frequent periods of mental emptiness. My favourite moments remain getting drunk with friends especially when the ladies are around because alcohol provides a sense of false boldness so I know it’s definitely going to go down (That one rooftop night but that’s a story for another day). The few past few months showed me my wild side, brought out the fun alcoholic and imbued a new sense of self confidence in me. I still don’t see a reason why people hate on the bottle. The common sense is not to overdo it. Don’t drink and drive and all the rest of the bullshit warnings that are associated with alcohol. I feel everybody has a limit and that limit should be respected but man has to have fun when he wants to have fun.

Finally, a few quotes which have kept me a happy drinker, my conscience kept at peace and silence.

“When we drink, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. Ergo, let us all drink and go to heaven.”

                                                                                                                                                                    –  Anonymous

“When I pick-up a bottle to drink, I think of liver, heart and kidneys and how they would suffer from my constant consumption of alcohol and I feel bad for myself; then I think of the amount of hours of dedication which have been spent to make this brew available to me, the people who have worked in the companies that produced the drink and the families that depend on them. So I decide to stop being selfish, become a humanitarian and gulp down that bottle.””

–  Anonymous

Those quotes have motivated me, kept me strong and standing and when I get out of this hellhole, I’m running back to my bottles and cans. These bars have missed me!!!

“Nigga, why you baby-sitting only two or three shots; I’mma show you how to turn it up a notch. First, you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it.”

–  Kendrick Lamar

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