There have been many colourful names for it, a plant with the ability to create revenue to feed a nation and it’s not even edible (at least not until some wise youngsters discovered it could be cooked with noodles ;-)). Its quality varies based on the farmer; researchers have looked for ways to cultivate a better strain and give it a higher quality. Cancer patients have found solace in the effect of its fumes, the doctors prescribe it for glaucoma, and the youth love it for the out-of-the-body experience it gives. Under its influence, you are engulfed by its rapturous effects and suddenly filled with a form of boldness and empowerment that usually eludes you. You can suddenly walk up to somebody you never knew or one you were scared and do whatever you like. It blocks off all the alarms that go off in your head, the ones that constantly remind you of danger and keep you rational. I’m talking, of course, about Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis Sativa is the botanical name but there are probably hundreds of names that can be used to describe it. Marijuana, blunt, weed, sticky icky, mary j, kush, roll, spliff, the puff… These and many more are the colourful names used to describe it (colourful because you probably give these names under the influence and trust me, you sure see a lot of shades of colour when you smoke it). The most common way of taking it in is through smoking; its fumes are rumoured to be a fast and effective way of letting it get through your system. It is cultivated carefully by a dedicated farmer, legally or illegally; probably taken care off far more than the edible crops which they sometimes plant, its leaves are carefully harvested during mid-maturity and dried, then it is passed on to selected buyers (most likely, drug lords) and then, it gets to the general public.

The market for marijuana remains one of the fiercest markets ever; people know what brand carries more quality, turfs have been created, boundaries have been set and rules are made. You don’t come into my turf and I don’t intrude in your business, You mess with my business, we’re gonna have a real problem… These threats are just but a few that go on in the world of marijuana. It is an illegal market but it remains one of the most profitable businesses ever. The skill with which people have learnt to roll up a blunt remains amazing (first time I tried it, it was a tug of war; after a few trials, I got better); I know people who can’t even cook and yet can roll a blunt blind-folded. Out here, we just smoke it for the fun of smoking it but there are some people who have given their all to turn this business into the profitable enterprise it is today. Lots of entrepreneurship skill and ingenuity have gone into the business, the cultivators have given different names to the various strands of cannabis; names like purple sun, turbo green, nightwolf, scarlett black are just but a few strains of weed cultivated. There are names that are whispered in hushed tones in the nook and crannies of the marijuana wold, legends have been created, names have been immortalized.

My first trial was a disaster, laced with memories that would forever be burned into the pink matter that resides in my cranium. After my battle trying to roll it up, I discovered another method of delivery, one which offered at least some form of potency: Cooking it with noodles. Those noodles remain the best noodles I have ever taken, I remember licking my lips and doing a brief dance before I finally settled down. Then it hit, the effects boiling the liquid matter in my brain; suddenly I felt so alive and sounds were becoming clearer and more audible. I could hear voices in my head, I even heard an orchestra play a beautiful melody and it was loud. Then, I began to feel hot, my hands, legs and head were boiling, I was restless. The noise became too loud, I couldn’t stand the sound of the generator. At 3 am, I stood up to take a stroll; I probably walked for like 15 minutes before I realised where I was and what I was doing, the walk back home was the hardest and longest walk I had ever taken. I rushed into the shower and stood for God knows how long and when I could feel a bit calm, I retired with a resounding pounding in my head. I said to myself, “Never again!!!” Those where my last words before it all went blank and I passed out. “Never again??!!!” Pffttt… How wrong I was?!!!

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