quench your thirst

 Over the years, water has been seen as an agent of solace; its uses could never be exaggerated. It has served man in numerous ways and has often been called the elixir of life. One of the most important uses of water is probably to quench thirst. Thirst is the throat’s desire for nourishment to quench its parched linings; the body, in this state, would not rest and remain uncomfortable until that thirst is quelled. A single drop of water can go a long way to provide solace to a parched throat, serving as a symbol of hope. But away from water, its uses and parched throats, I would like to focus on a different kind of thirst: Thirst for the opposite sex.

I would have called it the relationship thirst but that wouldn’t be so accurate as some niggas just wanna chitty chitty bang bang and let go. Back to the issue, the debate on thirst has been one that has taken a sort of eminence on social networks as every day, you hear and read different stories about people who have, in one way or the other, thirsted after the opposite sex. Thirst is born out of desperation from people who have probably lost hope and like a desperate man with an itch, would do anything to scratch that itch. The thirst probably exists more in the male than in the female because they probably have more self-control and most likely because it’s easier for them to help themselves with hand-held, protruding objects (I didn’t say anything oh). So I’ll probably be focusing more on the male thirst with the occasional reference to the female thirst too.

As a guy who lacks the sort of self-confidence needed to approach a girl or who is generally too horny to reason, the social networks provide the perfect platform for a young man to thirst severely. Pictures and videos provide the necessary incentives and the ease of access to other people provide the perfect pipeline for one to channel thirst. When you see that elusive young woman whom you’ve so fantasized for long about and see that it’s easy for you to talk to her without having to see her face to face, you increasingly become desperate and think “Oh well, there might be something in the pipeline for the both of us after all”. You send her messages and she replies you in a friendly manner, unaware of the exceedingly great thirst which has brought thus far. At this juncture, let me branch out and correct an initial statement. All every thirsty nigga wants to do is to have sex if vaguely possible. If there even exists a 1% opportunity, he is willing to throw all caution to the wind to take it. Back to the story, she replies the guy with probably a bit of feigned innocence and gullibility and this serves as a go-ahead for the barrage of questions and statements which are about to follow. The guy first starts out nice and plays the nice guy for quite a while, then throws in the occasional sexual comment once in a while, testing the waters.

At this stage, the lady might catch on to his game and clear his doubt straight up. It is not so embarrassing at this point; social media might portray it as just the failed attempt of a young man to acquaint himself with a lady, a mild escape from the true reality. But no, ladies of nowadays have become too cunning. They catch on quite early and do they let you off the hook? No! They let ride on the cruise, bait you like a fish and let you swallow the hook, line and sinker. Some will even go as far as taking pictures of your conversations so later on, they can rip off your dignity, shred by shred and rub salt on injury of you being bounced. These ladies these days would lead on and even make the guy think his sexual approach is working and as a guy who is no longer reasoning with his brain but is excited at the possibility of nailing the lady, he would come out, all guns blazing and go what the social media, twitter, regards as “BABANLA SEXUAL” but being a ‘sharp’ guy, he keeps everything plain on the outside and runs his dirty business on the inside and she, being the Jezebel incarnate she is, keeps memoirs of all her fallen heroes. He keeps drilling her and barraging her with demands to satisfy his sexual urges and she keeps denying  him the opportunity with all form of politeness that it all seems legit. The guy grows desperate and does everything within his power to get her until she finally decides that enough is enough and clears him out, usually with a public show that strips the guy of his dignity and exposes him to the outside world. No guy has been known to survive this form of ousting. Their social life dies, everything goes blank and some never recover. Some phoenixes however have been known to survive and even come back better. The guy who is just horny gives up every pretext of being a nice guy and goes straight to the point. The result is usually the same only in this case, the guy even turns out looking like a worse fool than he already is.

I’m pretty vague about what causes a girl to thirst; some are in love with the guy’s face, others love the guy’s voice but the majority of them are just in love with the guy’s well-shaped body. Arc and curves, muscular mass, well-formed abs, the perfect V-shaped body, the perfect tanned body; these things fuel the loins of a young woman and make her thirst after the lad. But in the female’s case, they go with a more subtle approach, the self-control in their minds guiding their purpose and narrowing their focus. With a good body and a bit of endowment, the female never misses, always nailing her target with a low possibility of missing. Misses only occur if the female is not so graciously endowed and not as beautiful as she spray-painted herself to be.

Now, I do not blame the young men who thirst; these young ladies have made seduction their main aim and objective. They are so scantily adorned these days and paint themselves with cakes of make-up and flaunt their resources with reckless abandon. A high level of self-control has to be exercise so one doesn’t act on their thirst; discipline and control has to be maintained so as not to fall a fool and victim. Now, I am none the wiser when it comes to thirsting as I have fallen prey and victim to the wiles of the seductress. I checked out her avatar one day and saw what made me drool. She was too goddamn beautiful and she exposed the resources in the right areas. I daresay that I got an immediate erection on the spot and had to hide it in shame. She was a follower and I decided to play the nice guy routine. I did everything by the book, made the right statements, chipping in the occasional sexual statements on her timeline. In her direct messages, I ruled, taking the initiative to take the bull by horn and go all-out sexual with her. She responded with similar vigor and I felt it was the right time to make my move and get the girl. I came with direct approaches and she bounced me politely until she finally gave me the hard boot to my surprise. It was a hard blow to take but I took it like a man but imagine my consternation when I woke up the next morning to see that my story had become the topic of discussion on the social world. To say I was dismayed was an understatement, I almost wept; I lost every form of manhood and dignity I had garnered over the years. I lost it, took a break from social media for a while but like the proverbial phoenix, I rose from the ashes to be stronger and better, vowed never to fall victim to such wiles and crafts but then, folly is abound in the hearts of young men. Thirst can be fought with patience; don’t rush into decisions. Don’t force the girl, be smart. I have not still found a way to fight the thirst; maybe some great hero out there has. But till then as there is a general solution to the thirst problem, know yourself, do not be a fool and find a way to quench your thirst.

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