Passion and drive are two essential things in the life of a human being. When you are passionate about something, you give your heart to that thing. It gives you joy when things are working well with it; you suffer sorrow anytime things go wrong with it. A good example are sports fanatics or simply, sport fans; these are people who support a particular sport and would do anything for that sport. Passionate about the sport, they would risk even their school admission to go and see an important game. A good example of sport fans are football fans, people who are ready to give up anything for the round leather game, people who think of football matches as blood and bone. Football fans all over the world would drop their differences just for the 90 minutes which the game would last for. New bonds are formed, alliances are made, the friend of my team is friend, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Football is a uniting sport, bringing unknown people together and spreading the good news of team spirit among people. Every fan has a team they support, a team which they would always love to see win, a team that gives them joy with their style of play, and a team they love. For me, my team is ARSENAL FC.

Now this post came not as a result of my love for the team… NO!!! This post comes as a result of the pain and heartache this team has caused. I look at this team and think, “Why the FUCK am I supporting this pile of shit??!!” To understand this, I had to go down memory lane to understand what misfortune I chose to carry when I became an Arsenal fan. Now, sometime in 2003, I sat down to watch an Arsenal team beat Aston Villa 5-2; the goalscorers were Thierry Henry (2), Freddie Ljunberg, Reyes and Sylvain Wiltord. What caught my eye that day was the beautiful way they passed the ball around, the deadly strikers in the front and the fact that the manager’s name rhymed with the club’s name. I decided to support this team; I was inducted into the Arsenal fan club and came to love a team that had the likes of David Seaman, Lauren, Kolo Toure, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole, Patrick Viera, Fredrik Ljunberg, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Antonio Reyes, Sylvain Wiltord, Dennis Bergkamp and so on; I grew to love this team. That season they went on to go unbeaten in the league; they became known as the invincibles. These players were top notch players, core professionals, experts in their field. It was rumoured that Thierry Henry knew every blade of grass in the Highbury stadium and could hit a ball from any position and it would go straight to the goal, Patrick Viera was an outstanding midfielder not to be meddled with, Robert Pires was a maestro. I came to support a team that wanted to win titles, an ambitious team, a team every young player wanted to play for, a team that posed a threat, a team that died in 2005.

I have a theory that everything went south the moment they abandoned the Highbury stadium and moved to the Emirates stadium. Like Job, may that day be blotted out from history, may it not be sung about, may the stars of day be blotted out and wiped off from the sky because that was the day I lost my winning Arsenal. Arsenal has gone trophyless since 2005 when they won the FA cup, a team without a trophy is a useless team no matter how much beautiful football you play. I have felt pain and heartbreak each time I see them try so hard and come out with nothing, I have seen a very stupid and stingy manager coach my club into oblivion, I have seen many wonderful players come and leave because of the lack of trophies. The likes of Franscec Fabregas, Thierry Henry, Alexandre Song, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Emmanuel Adebayor, Robin van Persie all left in search of trophies which they got immediately they left the club; there’s also the curse of the captain band (All Arsenal captains are bound to leave the club. P.S: I hear unconfirmed rumours that Vermalaen might be on his way to Zenit St. Petersburg to go and win the Russian league).

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