Sometimes, I blame the players for their lack of dedication and the drive to win, other times, it’s just sheer misfortune and bad luck but most of the time, I blame the manager Arsene Wenger. Now, Arsene happens to be the stingiest manager I have ever heard of; “Arsene!!! We go die for you??!!!” Wenger would never sign a high class player to help turn the team around… NO!!!! Baba prefers a young crop of players and the large amount of shit the French league has to offer. This nigga has bought so much pipes from the French league and they are sending Arsenal down the drain; the likes of Abou Diaby, Yaya Sanogo, Sebastien Squilacci, Marouane Chamakh, Gervinho and the latest pile of shit, Olivier Giroud; I see all these and ask, “Shall a fan die??!!”

Years have gone by when I have said, “Next season, we’ll win a trophy, you’ll see” and now, I have lost faith in those words. I have seen a team produce the shitiest performances ever, I have seen a team that lets you down when you need them the most, I have seen a manager that only cares about profit and being mediocre and I ask, “Shall a fan die??!!” I have seen promising players play for Arsenal and wonder why it is such a misfortune that this player might never get to win a trophy with this club (I pity Jack Wilshere and Mesut Ozil), I have seen players that injuries almost killed their careers at Arsenal; the likes of Tomas Rosicky, Eduardo da Silva, Aaron Ramsey, Robin van Persie have had their careers almost over because of injuries and I still ask “Shall a fan die??!!” I have seen scam players play for team and wondered what they were doing there; ‘Lord’ Bendtner, Arshavin, Diaby and Squilacci are just a few scams that have passed through the club, I see them and ask “Shall a fan die??!!” I have a club that has been linked to the likes of Juan Mata, Luis Suarez, Eden Hazard, Gonzalo Higuain, Stevan Jovetic, Wayne Rooney, Julian Draxler and so on and yet none of them showed up because our fucking manager was too stingy; I have seen a club that has lost the best of its players to other clubs and they have not made any reasonable effort to replace them and I ask “Shall a fan die??!!”

This present Arsenal team is unreliable and untrustworthy, I cannot bank on them for anything; we have a very shitty strike force and they cannot hold their own anywhere. Besides we have been cursed with Olivier Giroud for a striker and Wenger for a manager so everything seems to be going down the drain. Faith placed in an extremely useless player is wasted faith. I once thought Olivier would be a marvelous striker, turns out Montpelier made wonderful business selling us a huge scam. Giroud is the worst Arsenal striker I have ever seen but he is French so that giant dictator (ignore the ‘tator’) still plays him for no tactical reason, ignoring the better options available to him and I ask “Shall a fan die??!!”

These lamentations have come as a result of deep and extreme pain, I have loved and lost, I have been an Arsenal fan for 11 years and I have spent the better parts of those years regretting my decision. I know I can’t leave them though, my ties to Arsenal are too strong but my patience is wearing thin; even diamond has its melting point. I am coming close to the end of the tether, I can take it no more; for almost 9 years, I have known what it means not to have a future ambition, I have known what it means to have your manager and team disappoint you from season to season, I have known what it means to have your best players leave and not seen them being replaced by equally good players, I have known the perks of being an Arsenal fan. With all these on my mind, I ask, “SHALL A FAN DIE???!!!”

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