arsenal vs bayern

When Bayern finally settled and planted a firm hold on the game, their passes were connecting and the attack was becoming powerful with each passing minute so it was no surprise when they got their own penalty, courtesy of a reckless tackle by Szczesny on Robben which earned him a red card and the sacrifice of the ever-present Santi Cazorla. I immediately saw this as a sign of things to come and I knew this was the beginning of our fall. On came, David Alaba to take the penalty kick and it was with unbridled joy that I celebrated the penalty miss; he hit it off the frame of the goal and brought joy to the faces of already tensed Arsenal fans. The rest of the first half went pretty much the way of Bayern  Munich, with them creating chances and coming really close to goal. At the end of the first half, the future looked bleak for Arsenal.

Whatever Guardiola told them in the locker room or whatever they smoked in there, it must have been really strong stuff because they came out all guns blazing. Now there is this certain player I have refused to mention because of the pain he caused me; that is Tony Kroos (I pray Man Utd don’t sign him; he’ll be a formidable weapon). Tony Kroos tensioned my midfield and defence; his shots were on point, his passes looked like they would never miss, he was a demon. In the second half, they brought out their whips and made all Arsenal players their bitches. They pressurized and tensioned, they passed and passed; everybody from Philip Lahm to Kroos, Thiago to Gotze, Martinez to Robben, they all crafted their passes to deal heavy blows to a really helpless Arsenal. It was no surprise when the two best players of the evening combined to produce a very splendid goal, Lahm’s accurate pass was met by an absolute sublime shot from Tony Kroos which left Fabiansky, the new man in goal, powerless and helpless. The rest of the half was played in Arsenal’s half of the field and Guardiola also made some brilliant tactical changes which saw Lahm go to the central midfield and the introduction of the man, Thomas Müller. This was putting to sword an already dying team as the combo later paid off when Lahm well-calculated cross found the head of Müller which directed the ball past the goalkeeper and into the net to bore a hole deep into the hearts of the Arsenal fans.

That second half I watched as a team (a group of boys) was demolished by an even better team (a team of able-bodied men). I watched as 11 homosexuals played my Arsenal team as that was the only way my brain could explain the type of rape I saw those Bayern boys dish out to my players as the game progressed. I left before the game even ended, with a sunken heart and a wounded spirit as I marked the end to another failed attempt at the Champions league. The rest of the titles being chased even seem too far to reach and it looks like it’s going to be another dry run for Wenger and his boys. I cannot help but tell myself sorry and curse the unavailability of alcohol so I can drown my sorrows in it. 8 years a slave and a ninth one staring us in the face. I have tried with my support, my ambition is now looking like this Arsenal team; I’m shooting for less and content with being just a mediocre. These things must stop and come to an end soon.

The second leg is already a forgone issue and a closed chapter. We are going to the Allianz Arena to be further humiliated by a perfect Bayern team. A Bayern team that walloped the almighty Barcelona 7-0 is to be feared; if they could achieve that, I shudder to think of what Arsenal would face in the end. That match should be rated 18 – not suitable for children under 18 because it would contain horrible scenes of violence and obscene scenes of rape. As a fan, I can only wish them good luck but I’m not even going to put my hopes up so they cannot be dashed, after all he that is down needs fear no fall. I only hope Bayern make the scoreline something the newspapers can publish without having to waste extra ink. Good luck, boys!!!

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