Very early in life, I came to accept my fate and not beat up myself for my condition; there were other people to blame for it, for instance, my dad for not really foreseeing the future to know that I would be ridiculed later in life and bunch of other people for the roles they played to bring me to my present condition (Those high school seniors that knocked me senseless till I was so sure I would never grow again and that my brain cells were dying speedily). I have tried various alternatives to improve my physical stand, proteinous foods and protein supplements were downed regularly, vitamins were not spared either but all were no avail as I look back to that period now. Nothing has really improved, nothing has changed, I have all but given up and that too is coming real soon. I have a problem and it has refused to go away; I’m talking of course about my vertical challenge.

Now as a little boy, I noticed that my peers towered above me in ways that seemed really embarrassing when I stood right next to them. I was always laughed at when it came to game that had to do with height, that included miniature basketball, jumping above a certain spot on the wall, etc. With every group picture I took, you always had to come a downward inclination when it came to my face. I was the vertically challenged, the height impaired one, I had to do something really fast; that was when I started tip-toeing. I never really took note of when I started walking on my toes but when I noticed it, it was already too late. My shoes were always getting worn at the tips and the tips were always bent upwards, I always has a spring in step and always walked like I was going to pounce somebody. I learnt that proteins served as height uplifters and I dedicated my time to the consumption of every form of protein I could lay my hands on. For a while, it worked out; as at middle school, I went from being front of the assembly line to the back of the line with my towering friends. I quickly became one of the cool guys as my status was quickly upgraded to, oh well, tall. I enjoyed the moments, savouring everything, taking the chance to mock my friends who once mocked me for being miniature-sized. Pride, they say, goes before a fall and in my case, there was no exception as DNA caught up with me. After middle school, my mates started growing again while my genes failed me and brought out my true nature once more. I was slowly demoted from the back straight to the front, my cool guy nature vanished, all the girls I had crushes on outgrew me and left me biting my fingers and cursing my luck for not feeling man enough to walk up to them, look up to them in the eye and say hi. By senior high, I was back to being the vertically challenged guy that everyone once knew; I was fucked.

As the years progressed and I made it down to college, there were some slight changes. There was some slight vertical improvement but it was really insignificant because as I grew, the others also grew. I had to revert back to my tip-toeing; a friend of mine started calling me flying boy because it looked I wanted to take off each time she saw me; I was a subject of teasing though I had already developed thick skin by that time and was immune to all the teasing. My major problem started when I began to add weight and become all stout. I knew this was a sign that my body had given up on growing and became content with just spreading around. I went on a diet program to no avail, my body had given up on growing, none of the protein supplements were working, once again, I had been fucked over. As the years passed, I accepted my fate and began focusing my energy on my weight and muscle addition program (but I’m just too lazy); it didn’t affect me when I was teased, I even looked for comebacks for the height insults. During my industrial attachment, I worked this guy who made it an embarrassment for me to walk beside him, he was too freaking tall. He still calls me, “My short friend” while I tell him that if a war were to breakout, he’d be killed first because of his overt and conspicuous height while I’ll remain lowkey on the ground. Lame but the only one I’ve come up with; at least, my bruised ego has something to say back when it is fired upon.I have learnt to live and survive with my cross; i have learnt how to stand perfectly on my toes (In fact, it has even become my trademark walking step) and lengthen reach, I have learnt not to beat myself up over something as unimportant as that. I have survived for so long and I’ve learnt to count my blessings, this being included. It has helped me to remain anonymous while I casually observe other people. I cannot complain again, I’m done with that; my parents used to bear the brunt of my anger but no more. I give up I’m tired of people telling me what I already know. These days when people say I’m short, I reply, “Naaahhh… I’m just vertically challenged”

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