I am never really one to take notice of kind of stuff. I watched 12 Years A Slave as any other slave movie, never really taking time to soak in the depth of the message being passed across. I noticed Lupita although I fully focus on Chinwetel and I was a bit fascinated by the way she portrayed her role.

I was so sure she was going to get an award or something for her portrayal of a slave girl. But reading this post has shed a whole new light on her own story and the story of all blacks in general. I am a Nigerian, not so grown, and I am tired of the way I am being looked at each time I plan to step outside the shores of my country to take a vacation. I have so much potential and I know it so why treat me differently because of the color of my skin. I am also tired of the way African-Americans are portrayed in movies. Before I left the shores of my country, I had already formed the opinion that the blacks over there are thugs and prostitutes struggling to make end meet, no more no less. I never saw the potential that existed in every single one of them until I was treated and looked on in the same light and I began to form an entirely different opinion.

I had previously seen Lupita’s Oscar as just another media buzz; a lucky black girl making her way to fame, stardom and shiny lights but this has changed my view. It is now seen as a victory from the caging mentality which has crippled the thinking of blacks. A victory from the stereotype view that we must be doctors and engineers before we can make something out of ourselves. In general, it is a real victory for her. She will never be looked on as just any black when she steps on the streets. #Africa #Blacks

P.S: Dear Mr. White Man, Africa is not a country.


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