So a couple of wild things have been happening over the past few weeks; for someone like me, the workload has been unbearable and unkind. No respite to look forward to in the coming days and the light at the end of the tunnel looks faint and is flickering like someone is playing with the switch. A lot of crazy thoughts have marched across my mind, a lot of issues I would love to address if I can just a little time for myself but alas, I am now a slave to the workload being placed on me, a prerequisite for me to leave this place and move on to greater things ahead. Giving up is not an option, I must find a way through this storm and wash up across the shores of freedom. But away from my issues now, something to lighten my already burdened mood, I would wish to talk on something which we probably do every time even though we condemn it a lot. It is like reflex or some form of instinct; an action that hold sway over us most times. I am talking about “judging a book by its cover”.
It is a popular saying “Do not judge a book by its cover but rather by its contents”; a book’s cover is the first impression the book imprints on our minds before we even pick it up to start exploring its contents. Many have been condemned and left unread simply because they have an unsavoury cover. I, for one, would never read a book that does not have a catchy cover or an exciting title. I would discard it and move to the next one. But that is where we all make the mistake; everybody has a life-story that makes them act the way they do, situations make people adapt and act different from the way they usually do. First impression matters in some situations but nobody should be given a label or tag just because of hear-say or first impression; everybody has a different story. Labelling a person or making assumptions and drawing conclusions about a person or an idea without getting the full information, usually firsthand from the person involved is utterly wrong. Besides, nobody is perfect so judging someone else from your own imperfection is the highest form of hypocrisy.
There are usually pointers to a person’s moral character but they should not be based on the person’s facial expression, their talking tone, their walking pattern, their posture and whatever useless agenda people are basing their judgements on these days. You should not call a girl Jezebel because the length of her hair is past a certain level or label a guy irresponsible because he keeps a full beard. These are just random assumptions but in mind of certain individuals, they are the spot-on truth and because they start giving other traits and making up stories in their heads and that is how a wrong opinion is formed.
Social media has given the perfect platform where people are labelled by their pictures and the stuff they write. Nobody’s true character should be judged by this frivolous crap. An escape from the confines and restriction being placed on an individual should be misinterpreted as the person’s true behaviour. I still reiterate that nobody is perfect and stereotypical so no single definition can be given about a particular person. We are all different so do not judge me based on another person’s actions. Telling me you never expected to be able to write because I look rough and empty all the time is just too narrow-minded. Telling a girl she’s a common slut because she has lots of male friends is too narrow-minded. Condemning a person without hearing them out first is injustice. Blah blah blah… Blah blah blah… The truth of the matter is not to judge a book by its cover.

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