give up

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Lagos, Nigeria.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Shores of Africa.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          7th April, 2014.


The Board of Directors,

The Management,

The Players,

And unfortunate Arsenal Fans.

Dear Arsenal,


First of all, let me clarify the beginning; the ‘Dear Arsenal’ was just a term of formality. That term of endearment has already been scraped out of my mind as you do not honestly expect me to remain an Arsenal fan after this letter. This letter did not come from pain; No, it came from self-realization and boredom as I have already denounced you in my mind weeks ago. I feel it is pertinent that I clarify my football support stance to the general public. “Houston, we have a report: I am no longer an Arsenal fan, I repeat, I am no longer an Arsenal fan.”

To start the denouncing process, I would like to start off by talking to my heavenly father. Father, forgive me for I have sinned; I have spurned your grace and remained an Arsenal fan. In your infinite mercy, O gracious king, you gave me the power and right to make choices but in my previous stupidity and naivety, like the prodigal son, I chose to be an Arsenal fan. I chose to cast my bread to the dogs and my rubies to pigs. Stupidity and folly is abound in the heart of a child and I have seen that it is evident in my case as only a foolish man would see a burning house and choose to remain in it. Father, I have been an Arsenal fan for 11 years and for the past 9 years, nothing has come to fruition. Even when you wrote down a message to Belshazzar, king of Babylon, he sought immediate counsel to decipher the message but it took me 9 years to finally see the message on the wall and decipher its meaning, I’m sorry, King of kings. But in your infinite mercy, you have made provision for sufficient grace for me to resign and completely deny the club, Arsenal. Thank you, Lord for I know your thoughts towards me are of good and not of evil. Lord, I have heard your voice; I have left Arsenal.

To the management of Arsenal, I am totally speechless as to what I am supposed to say to you. You have been a bunch of failures, specializing only in playing possession and the business of selling your best players. For the first two years of my support, I loved the club and the way they played; I grew attached to the players and the iconic manager. When the dry spell first started, I kept on reminding myself of your past records and telling myself that this was just temporary and there was big coming up. But as the years progressed, I just focused on the positives of the season. At least, we keep qualifying for the Champions League. But now, it is time to pit away childish things and faced reality. Arsenal, you are a failed club and have a specialist in failure for a manager. How you have left a clueless Frenchman lead the club to ruins keeps baffling me. Was it not so obvious that he used up his brain cells to win all the trophies he has brought us? All his brain cells died in 2005 for God’s sake. For years, you have sold you have sold all the players that showed promise that I cannot help but think that this is just a conspiracy theory to downgraded the reputation of the club. I look at the crop of players that have left the club and the influx of rubbish that is constantly being introduced into the club and I cannot help but feel a pang of sadness. Other clubs have a talisman that they can rely on to provide the magic when the team is in a lump but here, we have nobody (Ozil is not even up to the task). Henry, Reyes, Fabregas, Adebayor, Nasri, Robin van Persie, Alex Song and many more players have left the club in search of greener pastures which they, of course, found. Wenger has kept on bringing in mediocre players who are not even worthy to be mentioned. Even when he brought in Mesut Ozil, I thought finally some promise; we just need a prolific striker and the deadly combo will be complete but alas, we were stuck with Giroud, a disgrace to football. Ozil was overworked till he finally became mediocre like any other man. I just want to wish you good luck in your future endeavours though but our connection ends here, I no longer wish to be part of you anymore.

To the players, I pity you the most. Over the years, some of you have been loyal and have shown lots of promise but still have no result to show for it. Blind loyalty would lead you nowhere except for a blank résumé in the future. I wish that you would prosper and if Arsenal is not the right place for you to flourish, join me brethren and let us port. There is no reason why you should play beautifully and not still be recognized by the world for your talent. Leave, my brothers, leave. I have not much to say to you as you feel the pinch more than I do but then, you get paid so there is really not much you can complain about. I can only say good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor.

To the fans, you have stayed for 9 years without a trophy. You have never tweeted about an Arsenal trophy win, you have never witnessed a trophy win at the Emirates stadium; what more are you waiting for? Would you let blind loyalty fool you into staying with a hopeless club? A club that dashed your hopes and expectations with every passing season; 9 years a slave and you do not want to leave yet, shame on you. I have taken the path of freedom and left the club; I shall not continue to face ridicule for events which are not in my power but left to the uncommitment of the players and a clueless management. My heart is filled with bitter-sweet emotions right now. Bitter at the fact that I am leaving a club which I once loved but also happy that I have left a failed club and can now breathe free air and go in search of greener pastures. I hereby announce my resignation from the support of Arsenal and denounce all ties that once held me to the club. I am now a platonic football lover, in love with good football regardless of where it is being played. Arsenal, you are dead to me; I don port.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Yours faithfully,


                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Former Arsenal fan.

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