Fast forward to matchday, to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, kick-off time, both teams were raring and ready to go. It looked very dicy, nobody could make any real predictions, just guesses. For the first few minutes, Bayern enraptured the whole stadium with the beauty of their football, giving and distributing passes with such speed and accuracy. They passed and passed and they would make the occasional attempt to shoot but it really was not proving but much, they needed to take their chances or else, it would come back and bite them in the ass.

The first Madrid counter was a warning of things to come and Bayern refused to pay heed, going on with their “beautiful” style of football and playing the ball in Madrid’s half of the pitch, it became too boring. Their style became too predictable, Carvajal was having a field day stopping Ribery and Alaba, Modric  took the midfield from Tony Kroos and Madrid, kept defending, all the while, brewing their deadly potion. The second counter attack was all it took to kill the first leg off. A beautiful set of touches brought the ball to the feet of Ronaldo and after a feat of brilliance, he dished the ball to fellow countryman, Coentrao who raced to the edge of the 18 yard box and square-played the ball to beat all the defenders and fall to the legs of Benzema for the perfect tap-in. Bayern resumed their normal gameplay (the clueless bastards) as usual and played out lacklustre football while Madrid showed brilliance in soaking up the pressure and dishing out a beautiful form of counterattacks that were pure eye-candy to behold. I left after the first half, knowing that this Bayern team posed no threat and if any goal was to come, it was going to be Madrid’s. At the end of the match, I was a bit surprised to hear that Madrid did not take full advantage to add a few more goals. They deserved more than just one but alas, that was just the first leg, I was waiting to see what surprises Bayern were looking to spring up during the second leg.

The second leg in the Allianz Arena came with much expectations; many pundits were expecting Bayern to pull a rabbit out of a hat and save themselves from the mess they had gotten themselves into but alas, magic is only for the professionals and not for footballers who have to toil to get the job done. The match started similar to the first leg, with Bayern trying to dominate the game with possession football though there was a bit more urgency in their style of play. It was still evident that they had not learnt from their first encounter and they needed a reminder to tell them that they had to be serious. Madrid, on the other hand, rarely wasted their chances, spewing out deadly counter after counter and it was no surprise that Ramos stepped up to convert their corner kick into a goal. While Bayern was still reeling from the pain of the first goal, Ramos woke them up with another goal to put Real Madrid further ahead and this threw Bayern into turmoil. They were clueless as to what had just hit them and were desperately trying to scramble and salvage something from the match but their passes could not save them. They were not prepared to face the firepower and arsenal of the Real Madrid team. Few minutes later, Ronaldo broke the Champions League goalscoring record, scoring his 15th goal of the campaign and setting his team on course to win their La Decima (10th Champions league title). I left the match again at half time, pitying the Bayern team; I just watched a team fall from grace to grass, seen how the philosophy of a manager could change the entire orientation of the team, I just seen how the tiki-taka style of football had failed woefully. I also left that place seeing Madrid as a perfectly, well-oiled killing machine, capable of bring other teams to utter desolation. It was no surprise when I heard that Ronaldo added one more goal to complete the routing. It sent a simple message to everyone out there: This is the Champions League. Be serious!!! #HalaMadrid…

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