Trees are an important part of existence. From my previous lessons in biology and the background knowledge in botany, they serve as a form of beautification, they provide soil cohesion which helps prevent soil erosion and most importantly, they provide food through their fruits and also, through aspiration, they take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen which is necessary for human survival. Wood from trees can be used to make paper and furniture. The need for these and the need to create space for residence has prompted the constant cutting down of trees and this has adversely affected the environment, prompting environmentalists to strongly campaign and advocate for the planting of trees. In almost every country, the campaign for the planting of trees to preserve the environment is strongly being pressed on. Companies that make use of paper or wood are strongly advised to plant trees for each one they cut down. Even other organisations are advised to campaign for the planting of trees to help save the environment.

Recently, the internet was abuzz with another campaign for the planting of trees. Arbor Day, which takes place on the last Friday of April, is a day set aside to campaign for the planting of trees. Pornhub promised to plant a tree for every 100 views it gets that day. This seemed a weird request (or promise) since viewing porn sites promote self-pleasuring and the wasting of seeds rather than sowing them (if you know what I mean). Looking at the campaign though, I began to wonder about the amount of trees they would have to plant, ranging from a few trees to the forest they would have to plant in my name (based on my porn addiction) to the forest and wildlife reserve some people would get in their honour.

The porn industry is a group of organisations that set out to make profit through the provision of visual sexual entertainment to the general public and a special package to certain sections of the public. They provide their viewers with a large variety of preferences and a number of professional actors and actresses (whom we have come to enjoy). It hosts a large fanbase because the sexual excitement and pleasure it offers promotes the release of endorphins which helps to ease tension and relieve stress and also, because humans are generally sexually-driven animals. It also generates a substantial amount of revenue and this promotes healthy competition amongst the various online hosting sites.

It even has an award ceremony where awards are given to the best in certain categories. The pornstars become famous online sensations. The porn industry has evolved over the years to make it easier to surf for porn, creating various categories for the preferences of their viewers. They are aware of their large fanbase and work hard constantly to meet up with the demand. There are dedicated porn sites which take payment and provide their viewers with a certain variety of viewing that provides an out-of-this-world experience but the most popular ones are the hosting sites that host for free and without any prejudice, dividing their videos into categories. These are the real heroes of the porn world because they supply their viewers with hundreds of new videos each day. The rate at which these videos are spewed out, it is very obvious that the pornstars are very serious with their trade and the porn industry is no joke.

Now, with the vigour with which I approached this subject, one would think I am an ardent porn watcher but in truth, like in other aspects of my life, I am pretty laid-back and lazy when it comes to porn too. Too lazy to watch, get bored easily and a whole lot of other things pose a hindrance to me. While porn-watching is argued to be a bad habit, I still watch it for periods of amusement and to update myself with what’s new in the porn world (any new styles or new pornsters). Not much of an addict though, I just prefer to check out my favourite pornstars and find out what’s new with them (I’ve moved from Skin Diamond to Dylan Ryder). But, as much as I am lazy to watch porn, I am even lazier to leave the comfort of my room in search of fun activities so while my mates are out doing fun things, I am probably in my room, planting trees.


P.S: This was a really dumb post

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