After a long week of being uncomfortable and stressed out, I am finally done with the school issues and at home to rest and relax. Ahh… Home atmosphere truly does me good; not so much stress, free food and that’s all I ask. So yesterday, while I was relaxing on my bed and scrolling through twitter, I stumbled across a picture which shook me out of my relaxation state and jolted the esteem which I once for a sort of icon I had come to like. I saw a picture of Phyno (nwannem nwoke and probably the best Igbo rapper right now) with lips nestled so close to another dude’s lips that it became uncomfortable to look at. I refuse to call that a kiss because it would scar me forever that someone I had come to respect was associated with something I extremely hate. At this point, I would have reached an impasse where a compromise would have to be made which would entail me dissociating myself from anything Phyno. My nigga had better clear the air about that picture and as for them homos (especially the male ones), I think I should say something.
I am totally homophobic. I abhor homosexuality to the core. If you are gay, do not bring that shit close to me. You are an abomination and a taboo to the earth. Now, while some so-called “enlightened” people might criticize this as myopic and insensitive, I choose to stick to basics and the values that I grew up with. Now, homosexuality is rampant everywhere; gay marriages are publicly celebrated, more people are being encouraged to come out of the closet and the gay campaign is on even in most television series. This saddens me more than anything. I have given up on many series because of their gay scenes; I choose to stick to the ones that have their story all straight. I cannot fully understand how a man would see a woman and still burn with desire for another man. Tufiakwa!!! You deserve to be shot. The concept of being gay is one which would always remain obscure to me and to grasp a bit of it, I have to revert to the oldest book that still remains current: The Bible.
In the beginning when God created man, he took out a rib from the man and made a woman out of it. He did not create another man from it; No, he created a woman. Now, God in his infinite wisdom, made it such that the two of them would have to come together to reproduce and fill the earth; He did not make another man for that purpose. Take note that God did not create Adam and Steve or Madam and Eve but Adam and Eve but sin made everything go south. Again, I branch off to the story of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah. The story in Genesis 19 never ceases to amaze and amuse me. Now when the angels arrived at Sodom and Lot managed to persuade them to spend the night in his house, it was said that before they went to bed, all the men in the city (not women oh, MEN!!!) young and old surrounded Lot’s house and expressly demanded that he brought the two men out so they could have sex with them. I was truly perplexed when I read this; what sort of nonsense is this? But the shocker was still to come. So Lot went to plead with them and even offered his already betrothed daughters to them to do as they pleased but they refused. At this point, I was livid. Look at these idiots; you were offered free pussy on a platter of gold which in your perverse nature, you were free to make a mess of but you still chose butt hole over it. Brethren, you see the stupidity in this?! I am partially sure this was what got the angels annoyed and I’d like to pretend they were Yoruba angels so they would be like: “Kini gbo gbo rubbish yi ké? Lot, kuro mbé jó! Sébi awón homo ni é?! Oju é ti fó!!! And so on, till the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Again in Romans 1:24-27, we see that God gave up on man because of their sinful desires and men became inflamed with lust for other men and did shameful things with them and got punished for it. It is simple; God hates homosexuality.
Let’s even leave the spiritual and go to the logical. Taking a good at one’s self as a reproductive being, we find out that the positions for the reproductive organs in the male and female contain different organs. A man has a penis and a woman has a vagina. Now, from the way these organ are shaped, it is pretty obvious that the penis should go into the vagina to fulfil any sexual act; even biology supports this fact. The penis meant for the vagina and not the butt hole; the penis is meant to fit into the vagina and not for “sword fights”. These homosexuals have turned this world upside down. If you feel you like a guy so much, he should be your friend, your G, you should do manly stuff with him but you should never be sexually attracted to him. No dude should ever be sexually attracted to another dude no matter how horny you get. With the curves on a woman and her body parts, I see no reason why a guy should turn you on. In fact, being gay is a disgrace to the people who came together to form the embarrassment which you now are. People are now criticizing the bible and trying to read a different meaning to what is written in it when they are clearly trying to kill the voice in their conscience telling them that homosexuality is wrong. Now, the kids are being brought up to see nothing wrong with being gay; in my days, it was a taboo and should still remain so.
My country recently passed a bill, condemning those actively practicing homosexuality to 14 years in prison and what priest that tries to join them together in matrimony to a period of 7-8 years in prison. Now, while America came down hard on Nigeria, persuading the bill to be refuted, I was happy when everything fell on deaf ears. America should face her issues while what remains a taboo here should remain as such. With this, I should rest easy knowing that no gay person dare comes out in the open here in Nigeria. Do your nonsense somewhere and rot there. I have spoken my bit. Viva Nigeria, Viva straight people, Fuck gay people. There is God oh!!!
P.S: Phyno nwannem nwoke, biko clear up the air so I don’t have to delete No Guts No Glory. I know this was all a misunderstanding. Ndi paparazzi sef…

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