So I have been pretty mum about the whole World Cup event which is taking place in Brazil at the moment. Matches have been played up to the semi-final stage, upsets have been seen, heroes made, flops and props, extraordinary goals and future stars have been born. It has been an event worth the four-year wait. Now, I’m going to be focusing on one of the most shocking events of this World Cup. The World Cup has always brought shocker right from time and this one was not going to be any different. The first was shocking exit of the Spanish team after the mauling handed to them by the Dutch team and their loss to the hardworking Chileans, next was the shocking 4 – nil trashing of the Portuguese team by the Germans, Thomas Müller getting the first hattrick of the tournament and then, the ungraceful exit of the Italians after a beautiful against the English national team. Every other thing went according to book and the only other surprising event was the advancement of the Costa Rican team to the quarterfinals of the tournament. Fast-forward to the penultimate matches before the next shocker; Germany versus France and Brazil against Colombia. Now, Brazil are the hosts of the tournament and carrying the weight of that pressure, coupled with the fact that the name Brazil was a serious force to be reckoned with in international football and World Cup history, the Brazilian were under a lot of pressure to deliver. The crop of players that Coach Felipe Scolari brought into his side fielded a new generation of young Brazilian players with little help from the more experienced ones. The likes of Oscar, Ramires, Willian and the iconic Neymar are just a few of the young players on board. With a huge array of fast, energetic and attack-minded players, Brazil were serious contenders for the title. Although, they were condemned by the fans for not playing up to par, they always got the job done throughout all the matches. They had relied on the magician Neymar to pull them out of certain sticky situations and put their heads in order; Neymar had a beautiful World Cup with four goals to his credit. Up to the quarterfinal, Brazil had a good run and they now faced Colombia for a place in the semi-final. The Brazilians played a good game, got an early goal and even though the Colombians fought hard, a beautiful freekick from David Luiz and a goal from the Colombians saw the match end at 2-1. They had secured a place in the semi-final at the cost of having to lose Neymar who suffered a heinous injury that ruled out of the semi-final and ultimately, the rest of the World Cup and defence general, Thiago Silva who got a yellow card that ruled him out of the semi-final clash. With these two important players missing for Brazil, there was fear in the hearts of the Brazilians. Their chances were now slim. The Germans, on the other hand, had been having a beautiful tournament. They opened with a 4-nil thumping of Portugal, showing that they were a well-oiled machine hence the name, The German Machine. From the defence to the attack, everybody played their role superbly. Hummels and Boateng were hardworkers in the central defence, Lahm and Howedes prevented any entrance from the wing, Khedira, Schweinsteiger and Kroos were midfield maestros with Kroos being the most outstanding play-a-maker in the team. Müller and Özil posed an attacking midfield threat and Schürrle or Klose had the chance to kill it off in the striking position. The player to take note of was the goalkeeper Neuer who has been outstanding throughout, making daring saves and coming out to play the role of a sweeper keeper where the defence was found wanting. They proved a formidable threat and everyone had high hopes for the Germans so it was no surprise that they made it to the quarterfinals. A 1-nil victory over France, courtesy a headed from Mats Hummels from a Tony Kroos freekick was all it took to see them face Brazil in the semi-finals. What happened next was history made. On matchday, the stadium was filled with expectant fans; people who had come to watch their sides win. I was in my house, on my couch, rooting for the Germans. Their style of football was just amazing. During the anthems, the Brazilian team held a jersey of Neymar for moral support. It was supposed to be a boost that they were playing for their most important player (Hehehe… They were going to be shocked in a few minutes ☻). The game began with the Brazilians attacking with lots of ferocity; the Germans were forced into their own half and had to defend the attack from the Brazilian horde. After some minutes, the game evened out with the Germans making an attack of their own. It resulted into the corner kick that broke the hearts of the Brazilians. Poor defending because they were without a proper defence marshal left them lacking in the defence and allowed Müller score a simple tap-in for the first goal of the match. Credit also had to be given to the delivery by Tony Kroos which was inch perfect. The Brazilians were thrown in disarray; the defence combo of David Luiz and Dante was not functioning properly as David Luiz was fond of going forward and usually left a gaping hole in the defence which could not be covered by Dante. The lack of communication between the Brazilians was so obvious; the midfield and defence were having lapses in concentration and upfront, there was nobody to put the ball in the net. I say that because Fred is just up there for decoration, he poses no real threat and Hulk has his huge arse weighing him down. The free-flowing, attack-minded German machine kept on attacking till a steal from Fernandinho by Tony Kroos and a pass from Müller saw Miroslav Klose pump in the second goal after his first shot was blocked by Julio Cesar. This goal made him the all-time highest goalscorer in World Cup history, breaking the Brazilian Ronaldo De Lima’s record of 15 goals. From there on, it was defensive blunder after blunder; a cross from Lahm saw a poor clearance which was latched onto by Tony Kroos, who had been outstanding so far, and fired in home for a third goal. The Brazilian defence was in disarray, they were left standing like sticks and just a few seconds after play was restarted, an error by Fernandinho saw Kroos get the ball, play a one-two pass with Khedira and slot in the ball in goal for the fastest brace (69s) in World cup history. At this point, any German could score; it was a matter of running at the Brazilians who would cower in fear. It was no surprise when another error saw Khedira get a pass to Özil and an exchange of passes go on in the 18” before the ball was slotted in by Khedira for the fifth goal. At this point, I lost interest; I could not watch grown men being whooped. It was like watching a grown-up bully a child, it was fun at first but then all the mirth is lost from your laughter and you are left with just pity for the opponent. The rest of the first half was a blur and at the end, it was 5-nil to the Germans. The second half began with some changes from Scolari and a change for the Germans. The abysmal Fernandinho was taken of and Paulinho brought on and the heavily laden Hulk was taken off for Ramires while the Germans brought on Mertesacker for Hummels. The change by the Brazilians proved to be something as they attacked with renewed strength and forced the Germans all the way to their defence. Shots from Ramires and Paulinho proved to be almost fatal for the Germans if not for the brilliance of Neuer who proved to be a rock and a true Gandalf in the making. The crossbar was rattled, scrambles were made but in the end, the German defence proved firm. Later on, the legend Klose was taken off for a vibrant Schürrle and also, the boos from the Brazilian fans ended the night of the invisible Fred who had to be taken off for Willian. The substitution of Schürrle proved to be a brilliant one as he pumped in two goals later on in the half to leave the match at 7-nil. The Brazilian fans had cried out all the tears in their tear glands and were just left, moping in disbelief as they witnessed the largest defeat their country has ever faced. The match was already over even before the second half began and the fans were leaving. The Germans missed a chance to make it 8-nil when Özil kicked the ball wide. Initially shots from Müller were saved and the Brazilians seemed hopefully. They later got a goal in the 90th minute courtesy a brilliant move by Oscar but, borrowing the words of the commentator, that was the least celebrated goal I have ever seen. In the end, the Brazilians were left to weep while the Germans celebrated their victory. Kroos carted off with the man of the match award after an outstanding performance: 2 goals and 2 assists. It ended Brazil 1 Germany 7!!!! It was a mauling. Check for highlights of the match on; it’s there, I tell you.

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