As I grope and comb through the pages on the internet, basically the social networks, I am faced over and over again with the same message, glaring widely at me on my screen. It is a campaign that has been abuzz the internet for quite a while. A message being passed across to the various genres of men across the globe. It is a simple warning that carries a deep meaning and is as old as time itself. It reads thus: “Beware!!! These hoes aint loyal.” A simple warning that can never be overemphasized because each day, you hear tales of guys who have fallen victim to coldness which lies in the hearts of girls these days. These ones are seen as the dumb ones who lack the sense and wisdom to understand when they are being used but also, credit has to be given to the craftiness of these girls who would give the biblical serpent a good run for his money. The silver-tongued devils will come with their wiles and seduce you till you lay grovelling at their feet and then, they leave you at the slightest hint of a better opportunity elsewhere. The cold-hearted would just give you the good news to your face while the real villains would leave you dazed and wondering, still trying to chase after their affection until your brain is given a sharp reboot, usually an intervention or a firm slap from those who truly love you. The mind of a woman can never be understood, her thought process can never be deciphered (Only the creator can) but the reasons why they leave have been narrowed down to two road categories: Affection and Money. Any other thing can be narrowed down to these two categories, though they still have a bunch of incoherent reasons for leaving. They would leave for the ficklest of things. There are the special ones who are just willing to break hearts because they are spawns of Jezebel. But then, this decay did not just start now; it has been there for ages.

A couple of days ago, I was scrolling through the book of Judges and I stumbled across the story of Samson. Now, Samson was a biblical man of steel; he was blessed with superhuman strength which came as a result of his lengthy hair. His strength remained as long as his hair was not cut or shaved. He achieved feats that can be seen as impossible these days. But he had one vice: his love for women made him do stupid things. Samson was born a Nazarene; consecrated to God to serve him. This dude was supposed to liberate his people from the oppression of the Philistines but then, he was a dumb ass. Every single thing that was recorded about him was tied to a woman. From killing a lion with his bare hands to pulling down the pillars of the temple of Dagon, the Philistine god. On his way to woo a Philistine girl out of all the girls in the land, he faced a young lion which he easily tore apart with his bare hands. He had run-ins with the Philistines after he gave them a difficult riddle and was pestered by his wife to give them the answer. He slew a thousand men with just the jawbone of an ass. Now, that right there is badass; not a hundred men but a thousand men (Sure, there must have been some exaggeration tossed in there but you still have to admit he achieved quite a feat). He made Spartacus and all them other gladiators look like bitches!!! He killed and killed till he could kill no more. When he went in to see a prostitute in Gaza, he was locked in the city and an ambush was laid for him to be slaughtered by morning but the unbelievable Samson came to the city gates at night and lifted them up the ground and carried them on his back up a hill. Fam, those were city gates!!! Not your ordinary house gates which are heavy enough; these one protected a city. This was the true man of steel. Samson’s downfall came at the hands of Delilah. Up until now, Samson had been surviving by just brute strength and the Philistines knew they had to get the better of him so when they found out he was with Delilah, they offered her riches to get the truth out of him. These hoes aint loyal!!! I really do not know what Delilah offered to Samson but it must have been really irresistibly priceless stuff because Samson was completely blinded to the fact that this babe was using him. Three times she inquired the source of his strength and three times, she betrayed him but the knuckleheaded Samson could not read the handwriting on the wall. He foolishly gave out the truth the fourth time and the foolish thing was when he tried to shake himself as before thinking his strength was still with him. In the end, he was captured, blinded and made to grind grain in a dungeon of the Philistines. At this point, I could read no further. I was embarrassed, I was disappointed. I wanted Samson wiped out of the Bible, he shamed men but then his story still serves as a lesson. Trust not these hoes.

In modern times, we have heard songs, watched movies and generally, find ourselves bombarded with stories and messages of men who have fallen victim to the wiles of these girls. Every day, trust is lost, relationships are dissolved and hearts broken over the wiles of women who would do anything to satisfy their own desires, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Some of them even deal with friends of the same circle and because of their seductive wiles and charm, the men are blinded to the truth of the matter. This is pretty an anticlimactic end to a sad, twisty tale but truth be told the message is already in the air, the handwriting on the wall. It is left for you to be smart, make the right choices and not dive headfirst into anything. One thing is sure though: THESE HOES AINT LOYAL!!!

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