Well, of recent, I have found myself lost in the world of novels and have had no time to write anything. Basically, I became obsessed with George R. R. Martin’s A Song Of Fire and Ice and have been unable to tear myself away from its captivating and mind-blowing pages. Anyway, I received a jolt back to reality and it suddenly dawned on me that we were in a new year, even though I was continuing my life like nothing had really changed. For me, 2014 was a year of revelations and lessons and now that it has passed, it’s probably the best time for reflections so that I don’t end up forgetting my roots and repeating my mistakes in this New Year. So here goes nothing… First off, if you are reading this, you made it to 2015. Congratulations!!! 2014 was quite a ride for different people. Right here, on this blog, I shared my different views on things. You’ve read me lamenting about Arsenal, read me rant about my life and its troubles, read me talk about completely irrelevant topics but somehow, you are still reading this. I say, thank you. I have been very irregular with my posting for reasons such as laziness, lack of internet and no good device to help me write on the go but I’m planning on changing all of that. First, the laziness goes and then I’m getting a better device so as from February, I’m planning on dropping 2-3 posts per month so help me God.

Now, 2014 was a year which made me learn that procrastination kills. Yes, it is a deadly killer and it denied me lots of opportunities to be smiling comfortably with the rest of my mates. I started procrastinating really early in the year and it cost me a great deal. It started off with my final year project which I delayed until the dying minutes of the semester. While others already had a steady rapport with their supervisors, already found a topic and had started working on their projects, I was busy lazying about, postponing my visit to my supervisor and dodging him every time. I got my topic really late, started working on it even later and finally saw my supervisor he day before I was supposed to defend. It was grace that made them postpone the defence and a huge surprise that my supervisor did not send me away. In the end, I managed to defend, be it a scrappy defence, and came out with a far better grade than I expected. Now you would think I would have learnt but…

In this same 2014, I became an O’G, an overgraduate. Let me explain how. Early in my years in school, I had failed a practical course and instead of rectifying it, I kept on putting it off in hopes that it would be waivered off. Now, this plan would have worked perfectly if, in my final year I didn’t go on to fail two more courses and compound my problems. The funny thing is these courses were all one-unit courses and seemed too measly to hold me back but they did. When I found out my predicament, I still delayed rectifying it and in the end, well I became an O’G. It was like the devil was dancing all over my destiny. So while my mates graduated and went on NYSC, I was running around campus trying to clear my courses. It was an embarrassing period. The lecturers refused to believe that I was that nonchalant. I was tongue-lashed from office to office and who was I to reply? I was an O’G and desperately needed their help. People saw me around and wondered what I was still doing around. I had let a lot of people down but fuck them, I had let myself down even more. Now, I’m done with that phase and waiting for NYSC and looking back in retrospect, I could have avoided all of this. I had failed those courses not for anything other than lack of attendance. One of the lecturers told me that I had gotten an A but attendance was that was holding me back. I am a man, I would not weep but deep down, I curse myself for procrastinating and having to take pains to do those things which I ought to have done early.

Well, I have learnt these lessons in pain and I am glad that I’ve come through albeit the many bruises I have sustained. One phase of my life is gone and I’m about to start another phase. I started out as a naïve little kid but now, I have learnt and armed with these lessons, I go to face 2015 head-on. I have tasted the bitter pill and I hope to taste the honey too. My life should not be a total bitter-sad story. I am a better person than I was. Away with the childish and unhelpful stuff. My days through the fire are done. A phoenix emerges. Adieu 2014, Hola 2015!!!

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