sealed mouth

I tend to talk a lot. Like a whole lot of words are in my head and when I have the chance to, I spew out a lot of them. Most times, it’s just rants and not really important stuff; basically, it’s from the stories and experiences which I have garnered over a period of time and yes, my brain picks out a lot of these stuff. But once in a while, it is something really important, something which casual words and statements wouldn’t suffice, something where empty words and promises should be used on. And yet, because of the blur in the line between the trivial and the important, I find myself mouthing off as usual and having to later regret some stuff which I have said.

I am a serial people pleaser and it is one flaw which I have found very difficult to overcome. I tend to go out of my way to please somebody else, usually not minding the cost. It is true it’s good to be nice to others and all but there is a point where it crosses the line. I’m the kind of person who would mouth off a promise to somebody just to please them and get them in a good mood. Most times, they are empty promises and force me into a dilemma on how to fulfil them. I can’t begin to count the amount of times I’ve made a promise to someone and realised how much of a bad idea it is and because I’m a people pleaser, I keep quiet. In the long run, things would go sour and stuff would get tensed and I’ll just end up cutting ties to avoid an awkward situation. I’m one of the numerous people that hate facing their fears and would rather slink into a corner and pretend all is well.

Cussing is another part I have issues with as well. I cuss a lot sometimes and when it’s used with good humour, it has never hurt anybody. But then, there is also that blurred line between good humour and taking it too far. There are times and places where cuss words shouldn’t be used and great tact is required in such situations. Many a time, I have gotten into squabbles with people because I used a word that shouldn’t be used at that time. Never assume everyone is in the same state of mind as you. Formerly, I used to cringe at the sound of cuss words and we would have a problem if you used them on me but as time progressed, I grew accustomed to them and now I greet my friends with, “Hey bastard” or “Hey motherfucker” or some other filth which I can’t even begin to start mouthing here. But not everybody is like that and moods swing too so you should approach every situation with tact.

It’s a relationship world these days or should I say, a sex world these days. Guys would do anything to get laid. And these ladies do not want to get laid by uncommitted nigga hence the numerous false “I love you”s. I wouldn’t deny being a part of this. I have mouthed off those words more times than I can count. It’s now a reflex action when I’m horny. Those words have lost meaning to lots of people out there and it would take a great intervention to lead them to the right track. In the real sense, the only person I love is me and every time I type those words without meaning it, a piece of my conscience dies and I’m left with what you can barely call a conscience.

Everyday we use words and most of them count for nothing. A whole lot of chatter without actually passing a message across. Empty words are now a norm in a decaying society and empty promises are what people thrive on these days. I believe in a higher power out there and one day, according to the Bible, we shall give  account of every empty word which we’ve ever spoken. So what’s yours gonna be like? Will you be filled with remorse and regret or will you look back on your words and be glad you said what you did. As usual, I end with this, “I am a huge talker of empty words as well. Who am I to condemn you for the things you say?”

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