Dear Mr South African Dickhead,

I am writing this to you because I find it hard to understand your way of thinking. For the past few days, I have been hearing horrifying things about you and your countrymen. Hearing that you have been attacking your fellow Africans because they are not South African like you. I am perplexed by your actions, Mr Dickhead because it carries a lack of civilization and moral backing and frankly, I must certainly call you an idiot. I do not think I want to visit your country and I honestly don’t want you in mine anymore.

Xenophobia used to be just a word in the vocabulary to me. It possessed no weight whatsoever. In fact, I heard it in a spelling bee for the first time and I thought it was an out-of-place word. But after reading the news coming from South Africa this few days, I have come to realise how truly dangerous it is. Whatever incited the attacks on foreigners in South Africa remains a mystery, like one of those questions for the gods. The fact still remains that some South Africans decided to end the lives of those who are not from their country. In a world where racism is still being battled, I do not see how alienating your fellow African is sensible. You face the same struggle, you share the same skin color,  you share a common ‘enemy’ so what makes you different. We should have evolved from a world where your nation defines your attitude towards others. These senseless attacks are just a blight on the African image. Another reason for the racist to call us savages and with your actions, Mr. Dickhead, he would be fully justified.

My father has always rejected the idea of me having anything to do with South Africa. “South Africans hate Nigerians”, he would always tell me and I usually thought of his arguments as baseless. The South African should be my friend. We have worked hand in hand to generate revenue for ourselves. MTN, Mtv, Shoprite, DStv are all ventures that started in South Africa and are flourishing here in Nigeria, generating revenue for the both of us. Nigerian artistes go to South Africa to shoot videos and collaborate with South African artistes. All these should mean that we share friendly ties and are at peace with one another. All these are the reasons I presented to my father but now I might as well use them to wipe my arse. I would like you to think back a few years when you were being treated like a slave in your own home. The white man made mincemeat of you, made you worth nothing and discriminated against you like you were the scum of the earth. But your fellow Africans stood by you and supported you throughout in all manners possible. When you needed help, it was sent at great costs. When you needed refuge, we opened our homes. We could easily have sat back and watched you burn but we rode over selfish instincts and helped you out. But you forgot that in a hurry,  didn’t you? Forgot what a piece of shit nation you would have become without help from your fellow Africans. I am greatly ashamed of your actions. Now while we will not descend to your levels of animalistic degradation, do not think we will hesitantly stand docile and watch you kill us. No one should have to fear for his/her life when walking on the streets of South Africa simply because he/she is not an indigene. The painful thing about these barbaric acts is the fact that other people standby and watch these acts with taking action against those committing them. People just watch on and carry Kermit expressions on their faces while innocent people are dying. It is sickening to know that this is not the first time these attacks are happening. Attacks like this have been happening over the years and nothing has been done to put a stop to it. It is quite disheartening.

So Mr. Dickhead, I join the whole of Africa to condemn your actions. I know a few of your countrymen condemn your actions as well and I am proud of those ones who refused to possess your myopic ideology. We as Africans should stand together and not against ourselves. I fear for your future generation. The evil that men do lives after them hence, prepare your little ones for the blowback that awaits them in the future. No action is without consequence. It would do you good to think about your actions and stop the killing. The whole world is watching you. I have spoken my piece.

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