Abandon Ship



Relationships can be fun to talk about but let’s digress and focus a bit on the Nigerian economy. Now I am no economy expert and tend to stay off this economy palaver talk because, to tell you the truth, I’m currently earning zilch. I believe if you are not making money or paying tax, you have no right to complain about the state of the Nigerian economy. But there’s only so much a citizen can take before he starts wailing about the failed Nigerian system. The present Nigerian economy is the result of a failed system running for years. It is like the Titanic just when it hit the iceberg and with no form of a solution, present or future, most Nigerians, with the means, are making the only viable move left: Abandon ship!

It is really hard to be a Nigerian right now. The system is failing on all levels. We were trying to patch it up with potty but even with that, the numerous cracks and holes are still plainly visible. The average Nigerian wakes up with the statement, “…all my life I’ve had to fight”. My generation probably thought going to school and coming out with good grades was enough to get a good job with mega bucks but alas, with the state of the nation, you will end up sitting at home unless your parents know a ‘sure guy’ who knows another ‘sure guy’. Prices of things are on the constant increase. I even bought Gala for N70 one day. My spirit was weeping inside because in the face of all the previous chaos, the price of Gala has always remained constant but now, to survive this bleeding economy, the price increased. I was so appalled. When tomato baskets increased in price, I knew we were finished. There is no Nigerian family that doesn’t consume rice and stew AT LEAST 4 times every month. Things are in shambles. Investors are leaving the country, companies are downsizing staff, and jobs are reducing by the day. These are all the properties of a failed economic system.

The major problem of the Nigerian economy is mismanagement and greed. Leaders without the right qualities are let into the system and they go there with the intent of filling their already bulging tummies before letting the remnants trickle to the citizens of the nation. Greed has always been the bane of our country. In fact, mismanaging and looting funds has been ingrained in our DNA such that our definition of a good leader is one who, although he ‘ate’ money, did lots of things for the people. These leaders come pleading for votes during election time without any clear plan on how to salvage the economy when they get there. They will bribe, spend and throw money just to get there and when they get in power, the first thing is to make back all the money they spent during the campaign. Whenever they are questioned about the state of the economy, they spend more time blaming the previous government than outlining the steps they are taking to make the situation better. During campaigns, the whole load of the campaign manifestos is on how the other parties have people who suck more than they do. We have nonchalant leaders who are more interested in acquiring properties outside the nation and taking trips abroad while the people stuck here suffer.

I am tired of being a Nigerian. In fact, the only benefit is the jollof and the freedom (which can be taken away from you at any given time). I am tired of trying to defend my country to my foreign counterparts when I clearly cannot see a better future. I am tired of the constant price fluctuations. The only way to survive in this economy is ingenious entrepreneurship. The country is failing and needs leaders who are disinterested in filling their pockets and interested in helping the people. It needs leaders who are strong and intellectually brilliant. A leader is someone who can give hope where there is none.

As a patriot in this country, you will suffer. The government won’t help you and if you die in the process, you are just another lump of skin and bones going into the earth. We have seen how the patriots of this country are treated. I cannot be one of those. I will be selfish. When my parents have the means, I too will abandon ship and run away. I’d rather be a dog in the city than a lion in a hole. I still pray for the country though. God bless Nigeria.

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