Those Who Sleep Alone



I want a girlfriend

A girl to talk to and freely express my feelings with

A damsel whom I can laugh at and laugh with

A maiden with whom it feels right to express my numerous fears

A lady to share my pain with A female who makes me feel proud

A woman to love and cherish

I want a girlfriend

A person I grow in love with

All these feelings of love I keep bottled inside

I want a woman to shower them with

A maiden who feels no shame in sharing her troubles with me

A lady whose stories I would listen to with every bit of attention

A damsel I would buy gifts for and shower with praise

A girl I can tell I love her everyday


It may be wrongly seen as a show of unmanliness

When you let go of your emotions and get in touch with your feelings

But I have seen a certain glow on such people

And I want that glow for myself

Many nights I have wished to talk to a girl

One to recap how the day went

To listen to whimsical stories

And cuddle in each other’s arms

But I have no such pleasure

So I find myself in bed early

Those who sleep alone

Go to bed early.

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