Social Media And Freedom Of Speech



Social media can be, scratch that, is a powerful tool. It is constantly shaping the world we live in every day. The world is now a system of global communication and social media is leading the charge of the new world order. The internet is a place for information. Nothing seems to be hidden under the sun these days. Everything is laid bare for all to see with the push of a few buttons.

In shaping the world, users of these platforms have developed a pseudo world, different from the one we live. A world of perfection. A world where all ideals are accepted and if you oppose any of them, there are vicious and savage wolves ready to tear down your image and give you a piece of their mind. This is the age of being politically correct, where everything you say, can and will be used against you. You have to go with the flow and accept the ideals of the internet society or face their wrath. If you take a stand in an opinion which is contrary to society’s appeals, you are branded an outlaw and society will not hesitate to drag you in the mud and point out all your flaws.

Now, while I do believe not every idea that out an individual is pure gold and not everyone is a saint, I believe opinions should be respected. A friend of mine once said opinions are like buttholes and everyone is entitled to theirs. Although the descriptive might be unsavoury, I get the crux of the point he was trying to make. Freedom of speech is important. I’m an arguer. I love to argue and the only way for you to win is to trump up my facts with facts that greatly outweigh my facts and I believe that is the right way to argue and not descending down to cheap insults or name calling. We all have a conscience which has been shaped by various situations we have found ourselves in. Our conscience leads and guides us. No two persons have the same conscience. Hence, it is possible to have a difference in opinion about certain issues. But it should be allowed for people to have a freedom to choose what they believe in as far as it does not contradict the laws of whatever land they are present in. I believe laws are made with the intent of giving individuals are good amount of freedom up to a certain point where it draws the line and says NO. NO means NO. We have a right to take a stand in whatever we feel is right to us. And the law also has a clear definition of what right is. If our ideals are in law with such laws, fine. If not, go and look for place where the law is lenient.

The internet community resides in a utopian society. There is always a new topic to pass judgement on. From marital issues to sexual preferences to ethical issues to your feelings about God and religion. Whatever issue it is, there is a judgement passed and once it is passed and you say pim (sic), they will swarm on you like vultures and devour you. The person with the sweetest mouth is king on the internet, the one with most friends, the one who can twist words in a way that although it looks logical, is pure cockamamie, those are the kings of the social media space and if you don’t bow to their whims, you get trod upon.

I believe everyone should have his say without being subject to social media bashing, provided your statements do not go against the law, ethical values and religious principles. Nobody should have to be afraid to say something because it is contrary to popular opinion. Freedom of speech is key for a peaceful co-existence. Because, God-forbid the person you’ve trodden so much on his opinion gets an upper hand over you, you are finished.

And remember for whatever you say, there is somebody out there with a contrary opinion, ready to counter you. If you’re willing to dish out your opinion, also be ready to take counter opinions.

“Stand by that shit if you said it. Don’t edit that shit or forget it. You meant it, don’t panic…” – M. I Abaga, NotjustOK, Illegal Music – The Finale





That being said, watch what comes out of your mouth. Your mouth has a long but sure link to your butthole. Don’t let the things you say come from there.


I hate torn jeans. Thank you.

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