I was heartbroken

Pieces of my heart lay stumped on

Like a potpourri of dying roses

I was forced to the depths of despair

And in my despair,

I made one last heartfelt appeal

“Folake, gimme love oh…”

In my reminiscent state,

It became apparent to me

Lo, and behold

She was never interested in me

While we sat in the lounge,

All she did was butter me up

With meaningless words

And in my intoxicated state,

I hurriedly gobbled them up

There on the table before me,

Were numerous liquor bottles

It should have been glaring to see

All she wants is whisky and brandy


Time to get out of this place

My luck had run out

And I was done with searching for true love

My heart was broken

And my dignity shattered

However, there was one thing

Which could never be taken from me

I am rich

I am the money guy

A surebanker, if you may

As I swipe my cash card into that POS machine

There was one thing as sure as life to me

My bank alert na pakam (sic)

My cheque no dey bounce


Off to my mansion

Where I can sulk alone

I honk at my gate

And get no response

This fool Raffiu must be asleep again

Not the first time this is happening

So I was prepared and ready

There was my horsewhip

Laying in the trunk of my car

Bring out koboko and wake up the bastard


Into my crib

My place of solace

If anything, this was the only place I could trust

Fame drove away my friends

And brought out enemies

It seemed I was all alone to fight the odds

Yet this was the price for fame

And I was prepared to pay it

Bad belle is allowed


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