Do you ever get terrified of falling asleep?

To close your eyes and fade away to the great beyond?

First, your eyelids get heavy and droopy

Then, your eyes become itchy and tired

Still, I relent, unwilling to give up my consciousness

Although this is one battle I must lose, I stay up to fight

Bordering on the edge of insomnia

However, I must take my rest

The tension is palpable as I lay down my head

One last deep breath before my subconscious takes me

Worlds await which I cannot phantom

The numerous unknowns are killing me

I am scared of my dreams


Surely, you must be scared of dreams too

The varying unknowns it keeps throwing at you

Be times, it’s straight as a Hail Mary pass

And other times, sly as a curve ball.

An alternate reality brought to life

Through the inner workings of your imagination and subconscious

There is no beginning and no end

It is pure chaos and you are dumped right in the middle

Left to adapt and make meaning of the madness

You could experience the lucid ones

Limpid with clarity

Or the others with jumbled plots

Which leave you doubting your sanity

I am scared of my dreams


I am a soldier on a battlefield

Fight for an alien unknown cause

My minds tells me I’m hardly battle-ready

And would not last a second

My muscles however twitch

With an alarming battle familiarity

I wield strange and unfamiliar weapons

I fight with faceless comrades

On a nameless battlefield

We have never met but there’s comradery between us

We face an insurmountable enemy

Phantom beings out to wipe off our existence


With our back to the ramparts, we lie in wait

Savouring what could possibly our last moments

With a roar, we leap over the bulwarks

Headed for our impending doom

Adrenaline coursing through my veins

I battle and fight

Wound and maim

Kill and destroy

It all leads to a fruitless end however

And just that hot lead is about to sink its way down to my heart

I am pulled out of the codex

I am terrified of my dreams


Now, I am being chased through a town

An indescribable enemy lurks behind me

Chasing after me with furious rage

He possesses the faces of all my nemesis

Real and imagined

By some inexplicable magick

I possess his eyes and mine

Able to see through both

I can empathize with his feelings

I can feel his hate

I am in control of this chase though

I can leap in bounds

And glide through the air on unseen wings

It’s an exhilarating feeling and I enjoy the thrill of the chase

These are familiar territories

Streets I grew up in now remodeled by my imagination

To accommodate such an elaborate chase

I can feel my pursuer’s rage as he chases me to no end

His fury intoxicates me with laughter

I am winning and there is a smile playing on my face

I am thrilled and excited by this dreams


These dreams lay fleeting at the periphery of my memory

Eluding me at every attempt made to recall them

I occasionally get glimpses and snatches of pictures

They lay as pieces of a puzzles

With an elemental piece missing

The cornerstone on which the story lies

I am just able to see a few pieces of the story

Never able to understand how and why I got there

I go back to sleep most times

Hoping in my fugue state, to recall all the details

Yet it’s a fractured canvas when I awaken

It’s futility at every

It’s why I dread my dreams



P.S: I did not tell you about the faceless woman who leaves me with soiled shorts


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