I am different shades to different people

Different names to different people

Multiple split personalities

The entirety of my make-up

To some, I’m a lovable douche

To others, I’m that annoying, rude guy

I touch different people on different levels

Some from afar

And some up close and personal

The stories told about me

Form people’s opinion about

Such without even seeing me

You feel you know what it feels like

To be inside my head

If my emotions and personalities could be coloured

I bet I’d give a kaleidoscope a good run for its money

I take on a personality based on my mood

And for most people, a first impression is all I get

For them to form an opinion and move on

I’m an alloy of personalities and emotions

My different personalities are what make me whole

Because I cannot just be one type of person

That would be a boring existence

So I skulk through life

As an embodiment of different hues of emotion

A kaleidoscope of personalities

I do not walk around as a single entity

I possess an army inside of me, a legion

I do not just move about as a single colour

I possess more than that

I’m shades.





P.S: Now, I’d really appreciate it if comments are dropped on this, previous and subsequent posts. I’m trying to do an appraisal thingy. Plus it’s really fun when you comment. Thanks a lot. *two fingers in the air* Peace.

One thought on “SHADES.

  1. Because comment…
    A kaleidoscope is more than shades…
    It’s an explosion of colours…
    Or something like that…
    I, however, understand where you’re coming from. 👏👏👏 every colour can be seen as a shade of white.

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