Do you ever get terrified of falling asleep?

To close your eyes and fade away to the great beyond?

First, your eyelids get heavy and droopy

Then, your eyes become itchy and tired

Still, I relent, unwilling to give up my consciousness

Although this is one battle I must lose, I stay up to fight

Bordering on the edge of insomnia

However, I must take my rest

The tension is palpable as I lay down my head

One last deep breath before my subconscious takes me

Worlds await which I cannot phantom

The numerous unknowns are killing me

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I had intended to apply for this job as a spoof. My qualifications weren’t up to the standards they were looking for. I had been searching for jobs for quite some time but my field of expertise wasn’t something companies were really looking for these days. I was used to the life of searching through newspaper ads for jobs but these days, everything seems to be placed online. I hate being so techy. It’s as complicated as they get. Anyway, I was scrolling through this job advert centre and I found this really cool job. As a guy whose days are now filled with boredom, it provided me the opportunity to get some fresh air and freedom. I decided to apply even though their specifications were clearly not up my aisle. They wanted some kind of math genius. My level of education is a bit sketchy. I did the basic math stuff but I wasn’t familiar with the type of math person they wanted. They also needed someone who was prolific in the use of certain software. I was computer-literate but that was just it. Those software sounded strange and tough to me but oh well, I could learn something new. They needed someone knowledgeable enough to represent the company in their overseas meeting. I don’t mind travelling but representing a company was a bit of a long shot. And they needed somebody with 15-20 years working experience. I was just fresh out and needed to integrate. How does someone like me have even 10 years working experience? My previous occupation could in no way be classified as work unless these people were purely mad. I haven’t had any type of work in the last 10 years. Nevertheless, I went ahead and applied for the job. I tried to be as vague as possible in my application. I gave few hints about myself, little enough that you couldn’t guess who I was but just enough to pique their curiosity. I was a spoof and I didn’t think it would float but somehow, it did and I was invited for an aptitude test.

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