Arguably the greatest gladiator match in biblical history; a one-on-one, no-holds barred brawl, winner takes it all. David and Goliath is one of the greatest ever documented fights. It was an unlikely matchup; a ruddy teenager versus a seasoned war veteran, an untested hand versus a tried champion, a boy versus a giant. It wasn’t even supposed to be a contest. Goliath, on paper, would probably have squished David the same way a sledgehammer would squish an ant. Goliath wasn’t your average fighter. According to the specs we were given, he was about 9 feet 9 inches, he was heavy and muscular, he was fully kitted down to his breeches; his body armor alone weighed about 58 kilos. He was deadly fighter, having been fighting from a young age. And he was a foul-mouthed trash talker, capable of instilling fear in the bravest of minds with his words. The Israelites cowered in fear in their camp. Dem no born any of them well no show face. Even Saul, their king and giant, no reach. So how did David, grossly under-kitted, untrained, go up against this giant and defeat him? And how does it relate to how we face our challenges today?

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I am different shades to different people

Different names to different people

Multiple split personalities

The entirety of my make-up

To some, I’m a lovable douche

To others, I’m that annoying, rude guy

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It took me about 5 years of listening to Adele’s Someone Like You before I finally decoded a hidden meaning to the song. All this while, I had been blinded by the beautiful vocal of Miss Adkins and hadn’t really bothered to read between the lines. It took one of my quiet moments in the communal Lagos jalopy also known as ‘danfo’ to come to a strange conclusion. Maybe it was the air in the danfo or maybe I’m just speed-balling here but a careful analysis of the verses revealed it wasn’t just a mere heartbreak song but that of vicious vixen, on the edge of a psychotic breakdown, will to take down her previous lover just to satisfy her selfish cravings. Continue reading




Do you ever get terrified of falling asleep?

To close your eyes and fade away to the great beyond?

First, your eyelids get heavy and droopy

Then, your eyes become itchy and tired

Still, I relent, unwilling to give up my consciousness

Although this is one battle I must lose, I stay up to fight

Bordering on the edge of insomnia

However, I must take my rest

The tension is palpable as I lay down my head

One last deep breath before my subconscious takes me

Worlds await which I cannot phantom

The numerous unknowns are killing me

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As a kid, I always wanted to be an artist. At that time, my definition of art was being able to draw and an artist, to me, was someone who could draw cartoons or real-life pictures. Turns out I really sucked at drawing. I was lousy with a pencil. My figures were too ugly to be even called figures. They were appalling. Even my stick figures were horrible. My pieces were incoherent. I greatly envied those who could casually doodle on paper and come out with wonderful pieces of art. I made them my friends, hoping I could learn from the way they positioned their hands when they drew and somehow, snatch a bit of inspiration from them; but till date, I still suck at drawing. Continue reading

Spark Of Insanity

You ever get ticked off? Or really pissed off? Or whatever phrase you want to use? It’s like one minute you look really sane and calm and the next minute, you go off like a land mine, exploding with reckless abandon. In that moment, your sanity doesn’t matter, it doesn’t feel like something worth holding on to. It basically feels like a huge weight holding you back from expressing your primal urges. Because that’s what anger is, an expression of our primal and animal instincts. Your emotions have been kept bottled up for so long and suddenly, the container is no longer big enough to hold it so it blows. It’s usually a series of events piling up like tinder and flammables, setting up for a major conflagration. It takes just a spark to ignite it. It might be a word or action or even a gesture; just something which ignites that spark of insanity and threatens to burn the entire house to the ground. Continue reading