Rain drop

Drop top

Stress ina me chest

I’ma need a defibrillating vest


Imagine you had just signed up for something without knowing there was even a clause in fine print attached to it and when you’ve gone in deep, you find yourself in a vichyssoise of fine print restrictions and unuttered subliminal threats which has tossed your mind into a state of bisma bisma and have filled your head with a cacophony of ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybe I should have…’ but then you’re gone in deep with the realization that this might be the only plausible and realistic way out of the mess which your life was before you stumbled across this ‘opportunity’ and it dawns on you that you just have to take the risk and brave the storm to come out on top of it in the end so you just sit back and try to calm your flinching nerves telling yourself you’ll be fine, well I currently occupy a seat in the vehicle which is this scenario. Continue reading

V For Nigeria


Of recent, I became quite intrigued with the V for Vendetta movie. It was a brilliant performance by both Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman, with Hugo Weaving delivering what can only be described as one of the most fascinating monologues in 21st century film history. I’ve seen the movie on numerous occasions so much so that I began to see the lurking similarities between the fictional London in the movie and the present Nigerian society. Champion amongst them happens to be our choice of a leader and the state of our economy. Continue reading



I have taken quite a sabbatical from this blog life. Not that I haven’t been writing but that the pieces do not possess the needed blogworthiness; hence, the drawn out silence from this end of the internet. But here I am again to give you a piece of my mind to wrap your head around. This might seem quite shabby considering the long break but fear not, like every particularly annoying rant of mine, it is filled with emotion, lots of it. So as I dance my fingers on the keys of my keyboard, here goes nothing…

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