Trees are an important part of existence. From my previous lessons in biology and the background knowledge in botany, they serve as a form of beautification, they provide soil cohesion which helps prevent soil erosion and most importantly, they provide food through their fruits and also, through aspiration, they take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen which is necessary for human survival. Wood from trees can be used to make paper and furniture. The need for these and the need to create space for residence has prompted the constant cutting down of trees and this has adversely affected the environment, prompting environmentalists to strongly campaign and advocate for the planting of trees. In almost every country, the campaign for the planting of trees to preserve the environment is strongly being pressed on. Companies that make use of paper or wood are strongly advised to plant trees for each one they cut down. Even other organisations are advised to campaign for the planting of trees to help save the environment.

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There was once a time in my life where I harbored the pipe dream that I was going to somehow grow muscles and become really ripped. I used to envy all those buff, ripped guys because they seemed to get the attention of the ladies every time. You could visibly see the girl drooling and mooning over the guy. I wanted that, I wanted muscles, I did not want to get intimidated, I was going to be buff and ripped… Hehehe!!!! Like I said, it was a pipe dream. It was quickly flushed down the drain by hard reality. My genes betrayed me and left me without any hope; my vertical challenge and eating habits cost me the prize. I quickly realized I was going to look really deformed if I tried to put on the kind of muscles I had in mind. Goodbye to the adulation of the ladies, I was back to being anonymous and forever alone me. I decided to stick with my regular regime of pull-ups, sit-ups and push-ups. Carrying iron was going to be an occasional event. Goodbye big biceps and triceps, goodbye abs; in another life where I’m a bit more vertically endowed, we will meet.

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Addiction is probably a word we get used to hear tossed around all time. The common stereotype is that it is often drug-related; well that myth is false. Addiction is basically getting hooked on a particular idea or object without the willpower to resist it. It is seen as bad because most people believe one should be able to make choices regarding any subject whatsoever without being a slave to it. An addict, in most cases, would be in self-denial, constantly telling anyone who cares to listen that they can stop at any time; most times, it turns out that they need to seek professional help. People get hooked to all sorts of things and these things have construed an addiction problem. This brings me to my latest addiction: PORN!!!

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