Arguably the greatest gladiator match in biblical history; a one-on-one, no-holds barred brawl, winner takes it all. David and Goliath is one of the greatest ever documented fights. It was an unlikely matchup; a ruddy teenager versus a seasoned war veteran, an untested hand versus a tried champion, a boy versus a giant. It wasn’t even supposed to be a contest. Goliath, on paper, would probably have squished David the same way a sledgehammer would squish an ant. Goliath wasn’t your average fighter. According to the specs we were given, he was about 9 feet 9 inches, he was heavy and muscular, he was fully kitted down to his breeches; his body armor alone weighed about 58 kilos. He was deadly fighter, having been fighting from a young age. And he was a foul-mouthed trash talker, capable of instilling fear in the bravest of minds with his words. The Israelites cowered in fear in their camp. Dem no born any of them well no show face. Even Saul, their king and giant, no reach. So how did David, grossly under-kitted, untrained, go up against this giant and defeat him? And how does it relate to how we face our challenges today?

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Spark Of Insanity

You ever get ticked off? Or really pissed off? Or whatever phrase you want to use? It’s like one minute you look really sane and calm and the next minute, you go off like a land mine, exploding with reckless abandon. In that moment, your sanity doesn’t matter, it doesn’t feel like something worth holding on to. It basically feels like a huge weight holding you back from expressing your primal urges. Because that’s what anger is, an expression of our primal and animal instincts. Your emotions have been kept bottled up for so long and suddenly, the container is no longer big enough to hold it so it blows. It’s usually a series of events piling up like tinder and flammables, setting up for a major conflagration. It takes just a spark to ignite it. It might be a word or action or even a gesture; just something which ignites that spark of insanity and threatens to burn the entire house to the ground. Continue reading


Microphone stand and wooden stool under a spotlight on a stage



 *Wizkid’s Joy playing in the background*


In the early mid-nineties, that was the beginning.

Mama had me, she was definitely screaming.

I was her first child and cervix was expanding.

The strain on her hips caused blinding pain.

Doctor says, “One last push. I can see the head.”

She summoned courage, grits her teeth and winces

One last surge and my cries were heard.

“Congrats, it’s a boy” and hands me to her.

One look at my face brought tears to her eyes.

She smiles finally and I guess all she felt was:


Joy!!! Nothing but joy!!!

All that she felt was nothing but joy

I was going to be blessing.

A pilot or a lawyer or an engineer maybe.

Joy!!! Nothing but joy!!!

All that she felt was nothing but joy

I was the first grandson

The one with all the responsibilities

Soon I’ll be washing plates.

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I’ve been away for sometime, not for reasons of indolence (Though I suspect that would have played a part in some form of delay even if I was around all this while) but because I decided to serve my country in a place which was previously unexplored territory to me. It was a trip to the northern part of the country, to a place I had not heard of until recently, to a place I never dreamt of visiting, to a place that posed a huge threat to me. I was headed for Jigawa State.

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buhari and jonathan

Stay out of the murky waters of political propaganda. Do not let anyone sway your thoughts. Stick to what you know from the evidence you have gathered. The game of politics is a dirty game, my dear. It has always been so from the beginning. Everybody knows this. You cannot keep your hands clean as a politician, no matter how hard you try. When you are caught between a rock and a hard place, you will have to soil your hands a little to get out. These words are the creed I live by when it comes to politics. I have tried to stay out of politics as much as I can but like a man once said, We are all political animals. And that being said, I knew some of the politics had to flow into me and through me. I cannot ignore it because it affects my future.

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Well, of recent, I have found myself lost in the world of novels and have had no time to write anything. Basically, I became obsessed with George R. R. Martin’s A Song Of Fire and Ice and have been unable to tear myself away from its captivating and mind-blowing pages. Anyway, I received a jolt back to reality and it suddenly dawned on me that we were in a new year, even though I was continuing my life like nothing had really changed. For me, 2014 was a year of revelations and lessons and now that it has passed, it’s probably the best time for reflections so that I don’t end up forgetting my roots and repeating my mistakes in this New Year. So here goes nothing… Continue reading


Have you ever had words swimming and floating around in your head without making any sense? You just know somewhere along the line, stringing some of these words together can form lines of sentences which could prove to be a masterpiece but alas, you cannot just bring them together. Sometimes, you get frustrated and curse yourself for being helpless and other writers for being able to produce excellent works of art. You just know deep down that you have an idea so smart that your head would explode if you began to even know what you’re talking about. You are at your Picasso moment, you are Mozart trying to compose a magical symphony, you just need the white light in your head to shine and give you the go-ahead but still nothing. You start to write and three sentences in, you are sure you’ve written the greatest crap ever. You delete it and try a different approach, still nothing. You slam the laptop shut and think of throwing it away. You are highly uncomfortable because there is a nagging itch at the back of your head, smiling with a devilish grin, floating the letters in your head because it knows you cannot do shit. Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my world.

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