It has often been said that the most inspired blog posts come from pain or anger. Well, this one is truly inspired and it comes from blinding rage. Now, my anger is in two parts; the first is directed at Arsené Wenger and Arsenal FC and the second part is directed at myself for clinging back to Arsenal after glimpsing a trophy, the first in 9 painful years. It is a pity it had to take me a defeat at the hands of our, sorry, their eternal foes to see the picture clearly but thankfully, the scales have finally dropped from my eyes and can see clearly. The constant humiliation against Manchester United has seemed everlasting for many years past and this one was proving to be no different.

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So I have been pretty mum about the whole World Cup event which is taking place in Brazil at the moment. Matches have been played up to the semi-final stage, upsets have been seen, heroes made, flops and props, extraordinary goals and future stars have been born. It has been an event worth the four-year wait. Now, I’m going to be focusing on one of the most shocking events of this World Cup. The World Cup has always brought shocker right from time and this one was not going to be any different. The first was shocking exit of the Spanish team after the mauling handed to them by the Dutch team and their loss to the hardworking Chileans, next was the shocking 4 – nil trashing of the Portuguese team by the Germans, Thomas Müller getting the first hattrick of the tournament and then, the ungraceful exit of the Italians after a beautiful against the English national team. Every other thing went according to book and the only other surprising event was the advancement of the Costa Rican team to the quarterfinals of the tournament. Fast-forward to the penultimate matches before the next shocker; Germany versus France and Brazil against Colombia. Continue reading



Fast forward to matchday, to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, kick-off time, both teams were raring and ready to go. It looked very dicy, nobody could make any real predictions, just guesses. For the first few minutes, Bayern enraptured the whole stadium with the beauty of their football, giving and distributing passes with such speed and accuracy. They passed and passed and they would make the occasional attempt to shoot but it really was not proving but much, they needed to take their chances or else, it would come back and bite them in the ass.

The first Madrid counter was a warning of things to come and Bayern refused to pay heed, going on with their “beautiful” style of football and playing the ball in Madrid’s half of the pitch, it became too boring. Their style became too predictable, Carvajal was having a field day stopping Ribery and Alaba, Modric  took the midfield from Tony Kroos and Madrid, kept defending, all the while, brewing their deadly potion. The second counter attack was all it took to kill the first leg off. A beautiful set of touches brought the ball to the feet of Ronaldo and after a feat of brilliance, he dished the ball to fellow countryman, Coentrao who raced to the edge of the 18 yard box and square-played the ball to beat all the defenders and fall to the legs of Benzema for the perfect tap-in. Bayern resumed their normal gameplay (the clueless bastards) as usual and played out lacklustre football while Madrid showed brilliance in soaking up the pressure and dishing out a beautiful form of counterattacks that were pure eye-candy to behold. I left after the first half, knowing that this Bayern team posed no threat and if any goal was to come, it was going to be Madrid’s. At the end of the match, I was a bit surprised to hear that Madrid did not take full advantage to add a few more goals. They deserved more than just one but alas, that was just the first leg, I was waiting to see what surprises Bayern were looking to spring up during the second leg.

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So after my last football rant, I decided to lay back and enjoy football for the beauty it really is. No more killing myself over Arsenal, no more fandom for me, I’ve found out it is easier to live life without the pain of constant heartbreak. I have learnt to appreciate the beauty of the game without bias and support football for the way it is played. I can now freely shout myself hoarse when both teams score wonderful goals and not be bothered about anything. It is a slow learning process though; sometimes, I forget my oath and revert back to my old ways but I am swiftly lashed back to the path of righteousness by the sorrow that has been buried so deep in my heart. Away from all that though and down to the business at hand; it’s the Champions League semi-final and the selected match to be talked on is my personal favourite: Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid.

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arsenal vs bayern

When Bayern finally settled and planted a firm hold on the game, their passes were connecting and the attack was becoming powerful with each passing minute so it was no surprise when they got their own penalty, courtesy of a reckless tackle by Szczesny on Robben which earned him a red card and the sacrifice of the ever-present Santi Cazorla. I immediately saw this as a sign of things to come and I knew this was the beginning of our fall. On came, David Alaba to take the penalty kick and it was with unbridled joy that I celebrated the penalty miss; he hit it off the frame of the goal and brought joy to the faces of already tensed Arsenal fans. The rest of the first half went pretty much the way of Bayern  Munich, with them creating chances and coming really close to goal. At the end of the first half, the future looked bleak for Arsenal.

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bayern I decided I was not going to write any more football posts for a while, seeing as I experienced so much anger when writing the last one but oh well, the circumstances have lead me into my present predicament. Now, I’m not so much of a football freak; I know the game, I enjoy the game, I enjoy its intricacies and the marvel that unfolds before your eyes when beautiful soccer is played but why go any further than this when the team you support does not live up to your expectation. Why stake your money and honour on the line when you are not certain that the team you love so much would perform as they are supposed? My passion is waning and my love is fading, I’m held on by a bunch of measly ties and they are breaking with every heartbreak the team deals to my heart. Oh Arsenal, what is wrong with you??!!!

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Passion and drive are two essential things in the life of a human being. When you are passionate about something, you give your heart to that thing. It gives you joy when things are working well with it; you suffer sorrow anytime things go wrong with it. A good example are sports fanatics or simply, sport fans; these are people who support a particular sport and would do anything for that sport. Passionate about the sport, they would risk even their school admission to go and see an important game. A good example of sport fans are football fans, people who are ready to give up anything for the round leather game, people who think of football matches as blood and bone. Football fans all over the world would drop their differences just for the 90 minutes which the game would last for. New bonds are formed, alliances are made, the friend of my team is friend, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Football is a uniting sport, bringing unknown people together and spreading the good news of team spirit among people. Every fan has a team they support, a team which they would always love to see win, a team that gives them joy with their style of play, and a team they love. For me, my team is ARSENAL FC.

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